Winmau Satellite Series Round Up

The Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club hosted events 5 and 6 of the NSW leg of the Winmau DPA Super series 2021 over the weekend. The top two ranked players in this section of the competition walked away with further event wins but both had to fight hard in their respective Finals against the most consistent player across the weekend, and losing finalist on both nights, in Justin Frey.

On Saturday the top 16 produced some great games. Joel Hynd, who to that point was leading the days averages, fell to Alex Clarke 4-2. Scott Johnson put away Mark Wortley 4-1 to demonstrate his continue improvement at the oche as he tried to recapture his form of a few years ago. Young superstar Manny Kato lost in a deciding leg to Justin Frey. Shane Wolter took out Terrance Insley 4-2 in a south coast derby. Another local, Clayton Collins won a deciding leg thriller against the ever consistent Peter Wilmott. Chris Donaghy moved past Craig Woodruffe 4-2 whilst Mitchell Clegg defeated Luke Hudson 4-0 and Mike Bonser scraped past Mark Taafe 4-3 (Taafe having had a very good day at the oche to that point.)

The quarter finals saw Clark (over Johnson), Frey (v Wolter) and Donaghy (against Collins) all win 4-1. Mitchell Clegg and Mike Bonser had yet another battle at the oche, as they have so often across the years, and this time it was Clegg who came away triumphant. Clegg had moved two legs clear early but Bonser broke back in the 5th game to lead 3-2 only to see Clegg break again in the next leg in 15 darts. Despite missing the bull in the deciding leg Clegg was able to return to the oche and secure the 25 required in 2 darts to become the fourth player into the semi finals.

The first semi final saw Clegg take on Donaghy and it was the former Tasmanian who held throw on his first attempt to put the match back into parity after two legs. It was to be his last leg win for the day, though, as Clegg held his own throw twice and broke his opponent in the fourth leg to win 4-1. The other semi final was a much closer affair. Alex Clark broke the Frey throw at the first attempt but Frey then returned serve straight away to tie things up at 1-1. On throw Frey was unable to convert 36 and had to watch as Clark took the lead with another break. Clark then should have had his throw broken but Frey busted twice chasing 20 whilst at the same time his opponent moved from 136 to collecting the leg. At 3-1 Frey had to win every leg remaining and this aim was helped by a 17 darter in leg 5. He then busted chasing 32 but got to have another shot at the Clark throw as his opponent failed to check out 58. A double 16 put the match back into equity. Thus Frey had the first walk to the oche in the elimination leg and three 100 visits plus a 64 check out was enough to see him move into the Final against Clegg.

The Final was almost as close as Frey’s semi-final. It looked good for Clegg early as he secured the first leg, a break against Frey, comfortably. Clegg’s opening visit of 140 moved him 80 clear of his opponent and he went on from there. He then opened on his own throw with just 45 and Frey secured a 100 and powered through the leg to tie things up at 1-1. Leg three saw Frey open with 45 and a 140 start from Clegg moved him into a commanding position that was never threatened to move him 2-1 up. Clegg then failed to hold throw again as a 46 start from him was jumped on by Frey with a 140 start of his own before he threw another of the same score two visits later and soon had collected the fourth break from four legs in 15 darts.

The fifth leg was more de ja vu as a 41 start from Frey was not enough and Clegg pounced once more to move ahead again. Clegg was unhappy with another 45 start on throw in the sixth leg but this time Frey could only match it and Clegg held throw for the first time in the match. Frey responded by finally holding throw for himself in the next leg but he was unable to convert 69 against the next Clegg throw and with a double eight Clegg secured the event with a 5-3 win in the Final.

Afterwards Clegg was clearly delighted, “Today was a better performance over a whole day than the last two weekends so I was happy with today. Some really tough games throughout the day for me. Justin is a very good player and I am pleased to see him make the Final. I am really happy to have won today.” 

On the Sunday event 6 was held and Justin Frey would make his second final in two days but this time he would take on another giant of NSW darts in Dave Marland. 

The round of 16 saw Mitchell Clegg take out his good mate Scott Johnson to set up another meeting with Mike Bonser, who defeated Peter Wilmott in a final leg decider. In another battle of the mates John Bunyard lost out to Dave Marland. That win for Marland set up a match with the man dubbed his ‘son’ Andrew Eagers of Team Danger, who had got through a deciding leg against Shane Wolter to progress. The bottom half of the draw saw Clayton Collins defeat David Cairns, Justin Frey beat Craig Hussey and Mark Wortley eliminate Aaron Gardner, with all three matches finishing 4-2. The final match saw Lavinia Hogg defeat Yorick Yon 4-3.

For the second time in the elimination stage of the weekend events Clegg defeated Bonser, with the 4-1 scoreline being a more comprehensive result than the day before. Marland defeated Eagers by the same scoreline to set up a match between the two top players in this Winmau DPA NSW series across the year. In the bottom half of the draw Frey defeated Collins 4-2 with Wortley winning by a leg more against Hogg.

Both semi finals were one way affairs with neither Clegg, nor Wortley, securing a leg against their opponents, thus setting up the Event Six Final between Marland and Frey. 

The final was even closer than the night before. Marland broke the Frey throw in the opening leg. After big scoring from both players early in leg two both spurned multiple opportunities before Marland secured a two leg lead. Frey then held throw in 14 darts, including two visits of 100 and a maximum plus a 76 check out. It was that confidence that then helped him break Marland in the next leg but he then could not capitalise further as his opponent pounced on his throw in 13 darts (with two visits of 123, a 140 and 95) to secure another break. Marland was unable to secure 56 on throw in the next leg and then on throw in the seventh leg Frey was able to convert a 69 check out to take the lead for the first time in the match at 4-3, and just as importantly move to within a leg of the match. Marland had to dig deep on his throw and he did so with the best leg of the night. Two visits of 140, a 100 and a 121 check out saw Marland hold throw in just 12 darts. It would not be enough if Frey held his throw in the deciding leg though. Both players started with tons but the critical moments were in each player’s fourth visit. Frey could only throw 60 as Marland secured a maximum to move to 82. It took two visits but Marland was able to check out from there to secure another event win. 

For Frey it was disappointment as he had come even closer in the Final than he had the night before. To have lost to Mitchell Clegg and Dave Marland in two close Finals was nothing to be ashamed of for Frey though. Marland was delighted to have got through once more,

“I am ecstatic to win again today. Due to work commitments at Marland Real Estate, it is hard to make both days but I have enjoyed good outings on Sundays in the last two events. It was a difficult draw today and I came up against some excellent players so to make it through is an incredible feeling. Justin kept coming tonight and he has proved just what a fine player he is over the whole weekend.”

 The Winmau DPA Satellite 2021 series continues across Australia over the next few weekends



The Winmau DPA Satellite Series continues on Sunday 18th April at the Warilla Recreation and Bowls Club

Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results!

Round Robin – 501 best of 5 legs.

Top 4 from the Group progress to the Knockout

Knockout - 501 best of 7 legs.

Final – 501 best of 9 legs.

We have 60 players in attendance today.



Dave Marland 5-4 Justin Frey


Top 4

Mitchell Clegg 0-4 Dave Marland

Justin Frey 4-0 Mark Wortley


Top 8

Mitchell Clegg 4-1 Mike Bonser

Dave Marland 4-1 Andrew Eagers

Clayton Collins 2-4 Justin Frey

Lavinia Hogg 1-4 Mark Wortley


Top 16

Mitchell Clegg 4-0 Scott Johnson

Peter Wilmont 3-4 Mike Bonser

John Bunyard 0-4 Dave Marland

Shane Wolter 3-4 Andrew Eagers

David Cairns 2-4 Clayton Collins

Craig Hussey 2-4 Justin Frey

Yorick Yon 3-4 Lavinia Hogg

Mark Wortley 4-2 Aaron Gardner


Top 32

Mitchell Clegg 4-0 Alex Clark

Mark Taafe 3-4 Scott Johnson

Peter Wilmont 4-0 Ben Clark

Mike Bonser 4-1 Tiri Tomoti

John Bunyard 4-0 Matt Clarke

Dave Marland 4-1 Pokotea Munokoa

Shane Wolter 4-2 Mick Anderson

Andrew Eagers 4-1 David Boyle

David Cairns 4-3 Chris Donaghy

Clayton Collins 4-0 Shane Horne

Craig Hussey 4-2 Manny Kato

Justin Frey 4-1 Russell Northey

Brendan Porter 3-4 Yorick Yon

Tony Welland 2-4 Lavinia Hogg

Mark Wortley v Terry Charlton

Aaron Gardner v Farran Lamb


Group A

Mitchell Clegg

Tony Welland

James Rogers

Farran Lamb

Ben Clark

Brad Johnson

Sapphire Allen

1st – Mitchell Clegg

2nd – Tony Welland

3rd – Ben Clark

4th – Farran Lamb



Group B

Mike Bonser

Mark Wortley

Scott Johnson

Yorick Yon

Ocean Karaitiana

Darren Wother-Gumley

Mathew Eagers

1st – Mike Bonser

2nd – Mark Wortley

3rd – Scott Johnson

4th – Yorick Yon



Group C

Clayton Collins

Russell Northey

Mick Anderson

Craig Woodroffe

John Bunyard

Leon Lovett

Nathan Simpson

1st – John Bunyard

2nd – Clayton Collins

3rd – Mick Anderson

4th – Russell Northey



Group D

Andrew Eagers

Danny Bunyard

Pokotea Munokoa

Chris Donaghy

Cody Dewey

Margaret Eagers

Craig Hussey

1st – Andrew Eagers

2nd – Craig Hussey

3rd – Pokotea Munokoa

4th – Chris Donaghy



Group E

Dave Marland

David Cairns

Terrance Insley

Mark Johnson

Manny Kato

Nathan Walsh

David Boyle

Alf Wyatt

1st – David Cairns

2nd – Dave Marland

3rd – Manny Kato

4th – David Boyle



Group F

Justin Frey

Peter Godfrey

Jeremy Hourn

Shane Wolter

Shane Horne

Matt Clarke

Morehu Karaitiana

1st – Justin Frey

2nd – Shane Wolter

3rd – Shane Horne

4th – Matt Clarke



Group G

Brendan Porter

Tiri Timoti

Issac Munokoa

Terry Charlton

Luke Hudson

Paul Hill

Judy Neaves

Mark Taafe

1st – Brendan Porter

2nd – Mark Taafe

3rd – Terry Charlton

4th – Tiri Tomoti



Group H

Peter Wilmont

Cohen Timoti

Lavinia Hogg

Lucas Gray

Aaron Gardner

Darnell Coppini

Winston Coppini

Alex Clark

1st – Aaron Gardner

2nd – Peter Wilmont

3rd – Lavinia Hogg

4th – Alex Clark