The Winmau Satellite Tour May Roundup

Over the weekend another round of the Winmau DPA Satellite Series was done and won with events held in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.
In Queensland the Saturday was headlined by the return to the winner’s circle of Robbie King. He defeated another man on the comeback trail, Mick Lacey, 5-2 in the Final.
James Bailey, Robbie King, Raymond Smith, Josh Kime , Mick Lacey, and Paul O’Malley all won their round of 16 matches 4-1 whilst Brendan McCausland won 4-2. The only match that went to a deciding leg was James Raroa and Riaan Engelbrecht with Raroa breaking the throw of his opponent with a 72 checkout to take the leg and the match.
The quarter finals saw O’Malley and Lacey make quick work of their opponents (both 4-1 winners) to set up a semi final clash in the bottom half of the draw whilst King and Bailey and McCausland and Smith both went to deciding legs. Bailey spurned multiple chance on throw in the final leg of their match and King pounced to break the throw in 16 darts. Smith also had his throw broken in the deciding leg with a 95 check out from McCausland enough to set up a semi final clash with King.
Both semi finals were one way affairs with McCausland the only losing semi finalist to pick up a leg and he secured only one. Thus the final was set and it was King who took the early momentum by breaking the Lacey throw in the first leg and then holding throw in the second. He then broke again and held his throw in 15 darts to take a 4-0 lead. Lacey then held throw and the comeback was on after he broke the King throw in the sixth leg. King was able to reset and despite being unable to convert 40 in his sixth visit to the oche Lacey left 16 on his next visit and King converted 39 to take the leg and the match.
The Sunday event saw Lacey return to the final once more but he was again beaten to the main prize as James Bailey returned to the DPA winner’s circle for the first time since returning from the UK with a 5-1 win in the Final.
Bill Aitken and Jackson Davies both had the most comfortable wins in the round of 16 (4-1), whilst Robbie King, James Bailey and Jamie Rundle all won with one less leg difference. The other three matches went to a deciding leg with Raymond O’Donnell breaking his opponent throw in that leg whilst Raymond Smith and Mick Lacey both held throw in their matches seventh leg to progress.
In the quarter James Bailey defeated the previous event winner in Robbie King 4-1, whilst Jamie Rundle turned a 1-2 deficit into a 4-2 victory against Jackson Davies. Raymond O’Donnell survived a tough game against Bill Aitken despite dropping his throw on the very first leg of the match (he took the break straight back and then progressed after both players held throw from that point on.) In his semi final Mick Lacey took an early two nil lead after holding throw in 13 darts in the opening leg before breaking the Rundle throw in the second. Rundle then broke the Lacey throw only to hand the advantage back to his opponent in leg 4. Another break of throw and Rundle just had to hold throw to put the match into a deciding leg but with visits of 100, 140, 91 and 134 along the way Lacey secured the leg in 15 darts to win the match 4-2.
The Final saw Lacey start well on throw once more, this time winning in 15 legs but from there it was one way traffic in terms of legs won. Lacey had his chance against the Bailey throw in the second leg but could not put away 50. From there Bailey would even give his opponent a chance of a check out with the final three legs being secured in 14, 16 and 15 legs respectively.
In Victoria Saturday’s event seven saw Steve Powell become a DPA event winner for the first time this season as he overcame another man chasing his first event of the season in Lucas Cameron.
In the top 16 round Stuart Coburn and Sam Ballinger, both regulars in the event reports across this season, whitewashed their opponents, as did Team Platinum’s Karl Schaefer. Steve Powell and Tic Bridge both won 4-1 whilst Mal Cuming and Dean Gibbs also secured positions in a high class quarter final field with 4-2 wins. The last match in that round saw Lucas Cameron and Brandon Weening throw off in a deciding leg with Weening unable to hold throw after leaving 20 chasing a 140 check out before watching Cameron call on all his experience to check out a remarkable 152 finish to progress in 15 darts.
Cameron then whitewashed Gibbs whilst Schaefer was almost as clinical in his 4-1 win over Bridge. The other two quarter finals went down to the wire with Coburn turning a 1-2 deficit into a 3-2 lead before Cuming broke his throw leaving Coburn having to return the favour in the final leg. He did so in 18 darts, both players having had a chance to take the leg. In the Powell Ballinger match Powell held throw in 14 darts in the sixth leg before checking out 110 in the deciding leg.
Both semi finals finished 4-2 with Cameron taking a 3-0 lead before stopping a mini revival from Coburn in leg six and Powell winning three legs in a row against Schaefer to turn a 1-2 deficit into the win.
In the Final Powell opened with a 15 dart leg to hold throw, checking out 95, before breaking the Cameron throw and then consolidating the break by holding throw once more. He then moved within one leg of the win with a second break of throw before Cameron secured legs five and six. In leg seven Cameron tried to repeat the heroics of earlier in the day but came up 16 short chasing a 146 check out. Powell pounced to check out 76 and secure the event win.
Sunday’s event saw the return of two of the regular finalists in the Victorian element of the series as Brody Klinge and Brandon Weening facing each other in the final, Klinge securing a clear victory in that match.
Steve Powell, Sam Ballinger, Mal Cuming and Stuart Coburn all secured their second wins in the round of 16 over the weekend and they were joined in the quarter finals by Ash Britt, Rhys Mathewson, Klinge and Weening.
In that round Coburn took out Britt in straight sets, whilst Klinge saw off the challenge of Mathewson 4-2. Weening and Mal Cuming had another close match with the youngster able to hold throw in the deciding leg and check out 74 with his 17th dart. Ballinger eliminated Powell by also holding throw in a deciding leg (having come from 3-1 down!)
Weening then saw off the challenge of Ballinger 4-0 in the first semi final. The other match was a much closer affair. Klinge broke the Coburn throw straight away but the Team Rebel man was able to strike back with a 15 dart break back effort. Klinge then broke for the third successive leg after Coburn failed to put away a double 20 on his previous visit and left 20. Klinge consolidated with a 17 dart hold of throw before Coburn held his throw for the first time in the match. Klinge then failed to secure the win on throw in leg six, thus putting the match into a deciding leg. That leg saw a 140 and 127 from Coburn move him to 58 whilst a maximum from Klinge moved him to 39. Coburn could not secure the 58 in six darts whilst it took Klinge five to get the 39 to win the leg and make the Final.
The Final saw Kline hold throw with four ton or more visits in leg one before he broke the Weening throw. 17 darts later he was 3-0 up and he took a comprehensive lead in leg 4 before securing a second break. Two visits of 134 in what would be the final leg pushed Klinge into a clear lead and despite busting 40 he was far enough ahead to come back and secure the win on his next visit to the oche.
In South Australia many were watching to see if the Andy Pinder express could be stopped. Pinder made another Final on the Saturday but was stopped from securing a third straight event by a resurgent Rob Modra.
In the quarter finals both men who would make the Final won their matches in straight sets, with Pinder eliminating Amanda Loch and Modra defeating Tracey Avis. Laurie Loch saw off the threat of John Nottage 4-2 whilst the remaining match saw Matt Williams hold throw in the deciding leg to edge past Michael Nicholls.
The semi finals saw Modra continue his momentum with a 4-1 win over Loch. Pinder had it less of his own way as both he and Williams held throw throughout their match to move the match into a deciding leg. With the confidence of winning the previous round in such a fashion Pinder’s position in a third Final in a row was clearly under threat. As per the rest of the match, however, Pinder was able to hold throw and took out the leg fairly comfortably to move into another Final.
The Final saw Modra pile on the pressure immediately by breaking the Pinder throw at the first attempt. He then backed this up by holding throw. With Pinder missing the bull for a 128 check out in the third leg Modra pounced with a double six to move to within two legs of the match. Pinder then missed the bull for the second successive leg and Modra held his throw with his 15th dart. He then broke the Pinder throw for a third time in 14 darts which included visits of 180, 123 and 134. Thus Modra secured the third event on the South Australian calendar.
The Sunday saw Modra complete the feat that Pinder had achieved over the first weekend of South Australian events by securing a second win in a Final in two days.
Both Modra (over Michael Nicholls) and Bradley Clothier (against Phillip Rowland) won their Sunday quarter finals 4-0. Jon Nottage took out Matt Williams 4-2 in the same round whilst the other match saw George Creasey throw away a 3-1 lead only to break Laurie Loch in the deciding leg to win 4-3 (both players missing multiple check out opportunities in that tense final leg.)
Neither semi final was particularly close with Clothier only able to win the third leg of his match against Creasey and Nottage only holding throw in the first leg of his match against Modra, thus both matches reading 4-1 on the scoreboard at the finish.
The Final saw Modra repeat the story from the day before by immediately breaking his opponent’s throw in leg one. He then held throw in 13 darts before pouncing when Creasey could not collect 33 on his own throw, and with a second hold of throw in leg four Modra was only a leg away from his second event title of the weekend. Creasey was not ready for that to happen though and held throw in leg five in 16 darts, despite watching his opponent hit the maximum on his previous visit to leave 56. Creasey was then presented the opportunity to secure another leg as Modra failed to convert 40, 10 and 4. Creasey was wasteful at double five though and left four as Modra hit the madhouse to secure that second event win of the weekend in South Australia.
The Winmau DPA Satellite Series continues throughout the month of May throughout Australia.

Round Robin – 501 best of 5 legs.
Top 4 from the Group progress to the Knockout stage
Knockout - 501 best of 7 legs.
Final – 501 best of 9 legs.

South Australia
Kadina Darts Club

George Creasey 1-5 Rob Modra

Top 4
Bradley Clothier 1-4 George Creasey
John Nottage 1-4 Rob Modra

Top 8
Bradley Clothier 4-0 Phillip Rowland
George Creasey 4-3 Laurie Loch
John Nottage 4-2 Matt Williams
Rob Modra 4-0 Michael Nicholls

Group A
Andy Pinder
Matt Williams
Michael Nicholls
Bradley Clothier
Amanda Loch
George Creasey
1st – Bradley Clothier
2nd – George Creasey
3rd – Matt Williams
4th – Michael Nicholls

Group B
Rob Modra
John Nottage
Laurie Loch
Tracey Avis
Phillip Rowland
Danielle Anisnworth
1st – Rob Modra
2nd – John Nottage
3rd – Laurie Loch
4th – Phillip Rowland

Italian Australian Club

Brody Klinge 5-0 Brandon Weening

Top 4
Stuart Coburn 3-4 Brody Klinge
Brandon Weening 4-0 Sam Ballinger

Top 8
Stuart Coburn 4-0 Ash Britt
Rhys Mathewson 2-4 Brody Klinge
Brandon Weening 4-3 Mal Cuming
Steve Powell 3-4 Sam Ballinger

Top 16
Stuart Coburn 4-2 Mark Smithies
Ash Britt 4-3 Steve Duke Snr.
Rhys Mathewson 4-2 Jackson Viccars
Dale Burton-Pye 1-4 Brody Klinge
Brandon Weening 4-1 James Jackson
Jason Fraser 0-4 Mal Cuming
Steve Powell 4-2 Karl Schafer
Adam Power 3-4 Sam Balliinger
Top 32
Stuart Coburn 4-1 Chris Powell
Shijian Sun 1-4 Mark Smithies
Dean Gibbs 1-4 Ash Britt
Steve Duke Snr. 4-0 Tony Crampton
Rhys Mathewson 4-0 Dean Sherson
Jackson Viccars 4-0 Danny Bryant
Dale Burton-Pye 4-1 Jade Lock
Brody Klinge 4-0 Michael Doyle
Brandon Weening 4-0 Mark Ruddick
Brendan Quinn 0-4 James Jackson
Jason Fraser 4-0 Deb Quinn
Mal Cuming 4-1 Hayden Psaltis
Steve Powell 4-0 James Reid
Karl Schafer 4-2 Tommy Hyland
Adam Power 4-0 Paul DeMaria
Sam Ballinger 4-0 David Putt

Group A
Stuart Coburn
David Putt
Ash Britt
Karl Schafer
1st – Stuart Coburn
2nd – Karl Schaefer
3rd – Ash Britt
4th – David Putt

Group B
Steve Duke Snr.
Mark Smithies
Adam Power
James Reid
1st – Steve Duke Snr.
2nd – Adam Power
3rd – Mark Smithies
4th – James Reid

Group C
Rhys Mathewson
Hayden Psaltis
Brendan Quinn
Jade Lock
1st – Rhys Mathewson
2nd – Brendan Quinn
3rd – Jade Lock
4th – Hayden Psaltis

Group D
Brody Klinge
Danny Bryant
Mark Ruddick
Jason Fraser
1st – Brody Kliinge
2nd – Jason Fraser
3rd – Danny Bryant
4th – Mark Ruddick

Group E
Brandon Weening
Michael Doyle
Deb Quinn
Jackson Viccars
1st – Brendon Weening
2nd – Jackson Viccars
3rd – Deb Quinn
4th – Michael Doyle

Group F
Mal Cuming
James Jackson
Dale Burton-Pye
Dean Shearson
1st – Mal Cuming
2nd – Dale Burton-Pye
3rd – James Jackson
4th – Dean Shearson

Group G
Steve Powell
Paul DeMaria
Shijian Sun
Tony Crampton
1st – Steve Powell
2nd – Shijian Sun
3rd – Paul DeMaria
4th – Tony Crampton

Group H
Sam Ballinger
Chris Powell
Iain Thompson
Tommy Hyland
Dean Gibbs
1st – Sam Ballinger
2nd – Dean Gibbs
3rd – Tommy Hyland
4th – Chris Powell

Pine Rivers Darts Club

James Bailey 5-1 Mick Lacey

Top 4
James Bailey 4-1 Raymond O’Donnell
Jamie Rundle 2-4 Mick Lacey

Top 8
James Bailey 4-1 Robbie King
Bill Aitken 3-4 Raymond O’Donnell
Jackson Davies 2-4 Jamie Rundle
Mick Lacey 4-3 Raymond Smith

Top 16
James Bailey 4-2 Matt Mullen
Robbie King 4-2 Shaun Kopecki
Bill Aitken 4-1 Nathan Kermond
Josh Kime 3-4 Raymond O’Donnell
Chris Woods 1-4 Jackson Davies
Paul O’Malley 2-4 Jamie Rundle
Mick Lacey 4-3 Dave Littleboy
Adam Bainbridge 3-4 Raymond Smith

Top 32
James Bailey 4-0 John Campbell
Matt Mullen 4-3 Brendan Saunders
James Raroa 1-4 Robbie King
Shaun Kopecki 4-1 Riaan Englebrecht
Bill Aitken 4-0 Kylie Townes
Michael Ruthenberg 2-4 Nathan Kermond
Josh Kime 4-3 Robert Wood
Raymond O’Donnell 4-0 Vanessa James
Brendon McCausland 1-4 Chris Woods
Jackson Davies 4-0 Matt Ivey
Ethan Kibbey 3-4 Paul O’Malley
Jamie Rundle 4-2 Steve Luke
Mick Lacey 4-1 Robert Vanderdrift
Dave Littleboy 4-3 David Evans
Adam Bainbridge 4-2 Chris Krabbe
Raymond Smith 4-0 Brad Horton

Group A
Robbie King
Dave Littleboy
James Bailey
Aaron Leau
Brad Horton
Cory Bender
Pat Orreal
1st – James Bailey
2nd – Dave Littleboy
3rd – Robbie King
4th – Brad Horton

Group B
Shaun Kopecki
Brendan Saunders
Robert Vanderdrift
James McDonald
Adam Bainbridge
Caine Vine
Brendan Miller
1st – Shaun Kopecki
2nd – Adam Bainbridge
3rd – Brendan Saunders
4th – Robert Vanderdrift

Group C
Bill Aitken
Jackson Davies
Steve Luke
Graham Mathews
Ivan Townes Jnr.
Troy James
Robert Woods
1st – Bill Aitken
2nd – Jackson Davies
3rd – Robert Wood
4th – Steve Luke

Group D
Raymond O’Donnell
Ethan Kibbey
Chris Woods
Nathan Kermond
Conner Smith
Colin Shaw
Amanda Stone
1st – Raymond O’Donnell
2nd – Ethan Kibbey
3rd – Nathan Kermond
4th – Chris Woods

Group E
Brendon McCausland
Paul O’Malley
Michael Ruthenberg
Vanessa James
Adrian Maitland
Scott Mitchell
Barbara Kermond
1st – Brendon McCausland
2nd – Michael Ruthenberg
3rd – Paul O’Malley
4th – Vanessa James

Group F
Josh Kime
Jamie Rundle
Kylie Townes
Enda Heaney
Josephine Nobbs
Matt Ivey
Peter Kermond
1st – Jamie Rundle
2nd – Josh Kime
3rd – Matt Ivey
4th – Kylie Townes

Group G
Matt Mullen
Mick Lacey
Dave Hampshire
Ky Smith
Shane McKenna
Chris Krabbe
Riaan Englebrecht
Luke Hughes
1st – Mick Lacey
2nd – Matt Mullen
3rd – Chris Krabbe
4th – Riaan Englebrecht

Group H
Raymond Smith
James Raroa
David Evans
John Campbell
Corey Naumann
Ann Lacey
Corey Power
Kylie Hawkins
1st – Raymond Smith
2nd – James Raroa
3rd – David Evans
4th – John Campbell