Satellite Series returns with VIC and ACT events

The Winmau DPA Satellite Series restarted in Victoria (for events 5 and 6), and the ACT (events 3 and 4 2021) on Saturday. Sam Ballinger came away with the event in Victoria whilst it was Matthew Leahy who took home the spoils at the Young RSL club, home of the ACT event.

    In Victoria Stuart Coburn made the quarters with a 4-2 win over Jackson Viccars whilst his opponent would be Steve Duke, who comfortably went past Hayden Psaltis 4-0. Also in their half of the draw Ash Britt overcame Rhys Mathewson 4-2 and Sam Ballinger took out Karl Schaefer 4-1. In the bottom half of the draw Steve Powell saw off Dean Sherson to set up a quarter final against Lucas Cameron who defeated another Dean (this time Gibbs) 4-1. Brody Klinge fought off the challenge of Brandon Weening, whilst Mal Cuming defeated Tic Bridge 4-2 to take up the eighth spot in the quarters.

    In the quarter finals Stuart Coburn’s match with Steve Duke was generally one way traffic as Coburn defeated the veteran Duke 4-1. Sam Ballinger set up another battle with Coburn by surviving a deciding leg against Ash Britt. The bottom half of the draw saw almost a reflection of the top half, with Lucas Cameron surviving the dreaded deciding leg to win 4-3 whilst Brody Klinge defeated Mal Cuming in much more dominant style, securing a 4-0 win.

    Both semi finals finished 4-1 with Ballinger eliminating Coburn and Klinge doing the same to Cameron. The final was a much closer affair. Ballinger broke in the opening fame of the match with a 104 check out only for Klinge to break straight back. Ballinger then took a 2-1 lead with a 14 dart leg and this time held throw to move to a 3-1 lead in the first to five leg match. Both players held throw, although Ballinger had a shot at a 40 check out on the Klinge throw but spurned it. At 4-2 down Klinge had to keep winning legs and held throw in 15 darts before leaving just 7 as he chased a break with a 98 check out. Ballinger missed a 63 check out chance to leave tops but he never returned as Klinge broke back on his next visit to the oche, albeit with his last dart in hand.

    Thus Klinge had fought back to a 4-4 scoreline and a deciding leg in which he had the throw. However Ballinger took the impetus in the early parts of the leg and finally pounced with a 72 check out as Klinge stood behind him needing 60. A 5-4 match between two of the most consistent players in Victoria this season was not unexpected and again demonstrated the class of player emanating from Victoria at present.

    In the ACT event Matthew Leahy (over Jake Buckley), Bryson Williams (v Josh Townsend), Greg Le’Strange (against Trevor Crooke), and Pat Molloy (verses John Laybutt) all won their quarter finals 4-1. The semi finals went generally the same way as well with Leahy defeating Williams 4-2, and Molloy whitewashing Le’Strange 4-0 to make it into the final. The final would be just as clear, but this time not in favour of Molloy. Leahy comfortably held throw in the first leg before pouncing on the Molloy throw when he could not convert 80 or 20. He then held throw comfortably once more and in a rerun of two legs previous Molloy could not convert 80 and Leahy jumped at the chance once more to lead 4-0. 18 darts later and Leahy was crowned ACT Event 3 champion.

    Both locations then followed up with more great action on the Sunday as Bryson Williams (ACT) and Brandon Weening (VIC) coming away with wins.

    In ACT Event Four Bryson Williams defeated Matthew Leahy in their quarter final 4-1 whilst Pat Molloy also won his second quarter final in consecutive days (4-2 over John Labutt). Josh Townsend demonstrated the form he had two years ago on the local development tour by dismissing Jake Buckley 4-0 and Greg Le’Strange defeated Brady (Le’Strange) 4-1. In the first semi final Bryson Williams defeated the two finalists from the previous day in consecutive matches as he put pay to Pat Molloy 4-1. The other semi was a match that had regularly occurred in the 2019 DPA development tour and as ever it was a very close affair. For the first six legs of the match the players held throw and so it went to a decider where Le’Strange had the throw and on his second visit secured a ton visit. Townsend responded with successive visits of 121, 100, 125 and 92. Nerves then hit and both players had opportunities to take the leg before a double two gave Townsend the break and the match.

    The Final saw both players win their opening two legs on throw before the fifth leg saw Townsend break Williams with a 144 check out. Williams was able to put that blow behind him and immediately broke back to move the match level once more. He then held throw (Townsend missing a chance to convert 52) before Townsend held throw to move the match to a deciding leg. Williams had the throw and with early visits of 125 and 100 he was able to hold and win the match by five legs to four and thus took out the event.

    Victoria’s Event Six saw Round 16 wins for Stuart Coburn (4-0 over Jackson Viccars), Tic Bridge (4-3 over Dale Burton-Pye), Aaron Simpson (4-0 over Mark Smithies), Brandon Weening (4-1 over Dean Sherson), Lucas Cameron (4-1 over Karl Schaefer), Mal Cuming (4-2 over Sam Ballinger), Ash Britt (4-3 over Dean Gibbs), and Brody Klinge (4-3 over Steve Powell.)

    The Coburn v Bridge and Cameron v Cuming quarter finals both ended 4-1, to Coburn and Cameron, whilst the Weening v Simpson and Klinge v Britt affairs finished 4-2 to Weening and Klinge. In the end it was these two who would make the final as Klinge defeated Cameron 4-1 and Weening did exactly the same job on Coburn in the semi finals.

    Thus what was a round of 16 match the day before was the Final on the Sunday and Brandon Weening was out for revenge for the defeat the day before whilst Klinge was looking to go one result better than the Saturday. The opening leg of the Final saw Weening hold throw despite a maximum from Klinge and having darts at a 20 check out. Weening then broke the Klinge throw despite another maximum from the Team Platinum man and missed darts at a 40 check out. Klinge then missed a chance at breaking back immediately as Weening held throw. Weening then threw an 11 dart leg that included three successive 140s and an 81 check out in two darts. Klinge then held throw but it was just delaying the inevitable as a 15 dart leg (including another 140 visit, a 135 visit and a 73 check out) from Weening saw him take out the event. 

    Next weekend sees players from NSW return to the oche at the Warilla Sports and Recreation Club


The Winmau Satellite tour continues this weekend across 2 states, stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results.

All states will be playing the same format:

Round Robin – 501 best of 5 legs.

Top 4 from the Group stage progress to the knockout stage

Knockout - 501 best of 7 legs.

Final – 501 best of 9 legs.


Australian Capital Territory

Young Services Club

Total of 15 players today



Bryson Williams 5-4 Josh Townsend


Top 4

Bryson Williams 4-1 Pat Molloy

Josh Townsend 4-3 Greg Le’Strange


Top 8

Mat Leahy 1-4 Bryson Williams

Pat Molloy 4-2 John Laybutt

Josh Townsend 4-0 Jake Buckley

Greg Le’Strange 4-1 Brady Le’Strange


Group A

Mat Leahy

Jon Pearson

Jake Buckley

Pat Molloy

Bob Berg

Brady Le’Strange

Corey Fortington

1st – Mat Leahy

2nd – Pat Molloy

3rd – Jake Buckley

4th – Brady Le’Strange



Group B

Greg Le’Strange

Bryson Williams

Daniel Sim

Josh Townsend

John Laybutt

Trevor Crooke

Ciaran Holmes

Phil Sellick

1st – Greg Le’Strange

2nd – Josh Townsend

3rd – John Laybutt

4th – Bryson Williams





Italian Australian Club, Morwell.

Total of 34 players today.



Brandon Weening 5-1 Brody Klinge


Top 4

Stuart Coburn 1-4 Brandon Weening

Lucas Cameron 1-4 Brody Klinge


Top 8

Stuart Coburn 4-1 Tic Bridge

Aaron Simpson 2-4 Brandon Weening

Lucas Cameron 4-1 Mal Cuming

Ash Britt 2-4 Brody Klinge


Top 16

Stuart Coburn 4-0 Jackson Viccars

Dale Burton-Pye 0-4 Tic Bridge

Aaron Simpson 4-0 Mark Smithies

Dean Shearson 1-4 Brandon Weening

Karl Schaefer 1-4 Lucas Cameron

Sam Ballinger 2-4 Mal Cuming

Ash Britt 4-3 Dean Gibbs

Steve Powell 3-4 Brody Klinge


Top 32

Stuart Coburn 4-1 Jackson Wilson-Young

Rhys Mathewson 3-4 Jackson Viccars

Dale Burton-Pye 4-2 Adam Power

Tic Bridge 4-0 Shijian Sun

Aaron Simpson 4-0 Tony Crampton

Mark Smithies 4-0 Cody Midolo

Chris Powell 3-4 Dean Shearson

Brandon Weening 4-0 Ian Dargan

Karl Schaefer 4-0 Paul DeMaria

Lucas Cameron 4-0 Iain Thompson

David Putt 0-4 Sam Ballinger

Mal Cuming 4-0 Deb Quinn

Ash Britt 4-0 Danny Bryant

Dean Gibbs 4-0 Ryan Lynch

Steve Powell 4-2 Frank Ascenzo

Brody Klinge 4-1 James Jackson


Group A

Stuart Coburn

James Jackson

Dean Gibbs

Adam Power

1st – Stuart Coburn

2nd – Dean Gibbs

3rd – Adam Power

4th – James Jackson


Group B

Steve Powell

Tic Bridge

Jackson Viccars

Danny Bryant

1st – Tic Bridge

2nd – Steve Powell

3rd – Jackson Viccars

4th –Danny Bryant


Group C

Lucas Cameron

Aaron Simpson

Dean Shearson

Deb Quinn

1st – Aaron Simpson

2nd – Lucas Cameron

3rd – Dean Shearson

4th – Deb Quinn


Group D

Brandon Weening

Paul DeMaria

David Putt

Cody Midolo

1st – Brandon Weening

2nd – David Putt

3rd – Cody Midolo

4th – Paul DeMaria


Group E

Sam Ballinger

Ian Dargan

Karl Schaefer

Troy Jackson

Mark Smithies

1st – Karl Schaefer

2nd – Mark Smithies

3rd – Sam Ballinger

4th –Ian Dargan


Group F

Mal Cuming

Tony Crampton

Michael Mikhail

Chris Powell

Iain Thompson

1st – Mal Cuming

2nd – Chris Powell

3rd – Iain Thompson

4th – Tony Crampton


Group G

Rhys Mathewson

Brendan Quinn

Ash Britt

Frank Ascenzo

Shijian Sun

1st – Ash Britt

2nd – Rhys Mathewson

3rd – Frank Ascenzo

4th –Shijian Sun


Group H

Brody Klinge

Jade Lock

Dale Burton-Pye

Jackson Wilson-Young

Ryan Lynch

1st – Brody Klinge

2nd – Dale Burton-Pye

3rd – Ryan Lynch

4th – Jackson Wilson-Young