Satellite Tour Western Australia

The Winmau Satellite tour continues this weekend in Western Australia with the fourth event, stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results.


Round Robin – 501 best of 5 legs.

Top 4 from the Group stage progress to the knockout stage

Knockout - 501 best of 7 legs.

Final – 501 best of 9 legs.


Western Australia

Port Kennedy Tavern



Koha Kokiri 3-5 Bailey Marsh


Top 4

Tyson Hoeful 1-4 Koha Kokiri

Bailey Marsh 4-3 Blake Hatchett


Top 8

Tim Pusey 1-4 Tyson Hoeful

Koha Kokiri 4-1 Nathan Maher

Michael Andre 1-4 Bailey Marsh

Blake Hatchett 4-3 Anton Soc


Top 16

Time Pusey 4-1 Mick Zdun

Tyson Hoeful 4-1 Lee Chapma

Koha Kokiri 4-0 David Hughes

Graeme Blakey 2-4 Nathan Maher

Michael Andre 4-0 Kayleigh Pickett

Peter Rowe 2-4 Bailey Marsh

Ricky Pickett 3-4 Blake Hatchett

Adam ameron 3-4 Anton Soc


Group A

Tim Pusey

David Hughes

Anton Soc

Peter Odermatt

Peter Rowe

1st – Tim Pusey

2nd – Peter Rowe

3rd – David Hughes

4th – Anton Soc



Group B

Lee Chapman

Ricky Pickett

Steve Cullen

Kayleigh Pickett

Graeme Blakey

1st – Graeme Blakey

2nd – Ricky Pickett

3rd – Lee Chapman

4th – Kayleigh Pickett


Group C

Loz Ryder

Blake Hatchett

Nathan Maher

Tyson Hoeful

Michael Andre

1st – Michael Andre

2nd – Tyson Hoeful

3rd – Blake Hatchett

4th – Nathan Maher


Group D

Koha Kokiri

Adam Cameron

Bailey Marsh

Mick Zdun

Shane Kennewell

David Butcher

1st – Adam Cameron

2nd – Koha Kokiri

3rd – Bailey Marsh

4th – Mick Zdun