DPA Satellite Tour 2021 bought to you by Winmau

Weve been asked by players to clarify positions for 2021 across all events so the key notes are as below
Due to contractual obligations in place with our venues and staff numbers needing to be coordinated in advance a minimum number of 32 entries will be needed for the Events in Hobart/Young and Kadina to proceed as normal on Feb 6/7 2021 and all events moving forward in 2021
With logistics and planning for setup including the setup of events in a covid safe environment needed with accurate numbers.. entries for the above 3 events will now close THIS MONDAY( 25th January At Midday local time )..If 32 players do not enter players who have entered for Feb 6/7 in the above 3 locations.. Entries will automatically be rolled over to their respective next scheduled March event also reducing the number of events from 10 to 8 in their respective state bubble
Entry deadlines for Warilla/Pine Rivers/Morwell and Western Australia remain unchanged as of January 22
DPA Main playoff to the PDC World Championships Alexandra Palace 2021/2022
The Top 16 players from each ranking table in Australia will qualify from all venues/State Bubbles to the DPA Satellite Tour playoff In Dubbo ..If a player does not fulfill their position to compete in this playoff positions will be offered down the line until all spots are filled as long as the player has fulfilled an attendance rate of 50% or more to their local 2021 events ..If any state does not hold any events at all players from those states will need to play in a one off last chance qualifier to be eligible for the main round playoffs and numbers to this event may be limited for access to the main round
Point System per Venue(per day) ..Rankings will be published daily for all State Hubs and events will be seeded at the discretion of the national Tournament director and the local Tournament director before commence of each event on a daily basis
Winner 20 pts
R/Up 16 pts
Semis 12 pts
Quarter Finals 8 Points
Last 16 4 points
Participation Point 1
Oceanic Masters 2021
All Players must compete in 50% of their home state events to be eligible for the Main Round of the 2021 Oceanic Masters Dubbo in October
10 events = 5
8 events = 4
6 events = 3
4 events = 2
In the event no events are held in the state of qualification players will only be eligible to enter the last chance Oceanic masters qualifier in Dubbo October 2021
The Same rule will apply to DPNZ players in New Zealand
DPA Sanctioning
In the event of any player or any players currently serving a ban or financial sanction from the DPA or DPNZ or a ban from entering any of its sponsored /licenced venues it holds events in or has since 2001 you are ineligible to participate in 2021 Satellite events across Australia ..This Ruling is final and is enforced without discussion ..The 2021 Tour is played under the Rules and regulations of the DRA
DPA State and International Teams Dubbo 2021
-The Top 6 Men from the State Rankings will qualify automatically to their state team Hub with the nominated Captain Manager keeping the ability to play in position number 8 or fill the team with 1 2 wildcard players at their discretion
-The Top 5 ladies from the State  Rankings will qualify automatically to their state team Hub with the Captain Manager keeping the ability to play in position number 6 or fill the team with 1 x wildcard player at their discretion
The Indigenous side is subject to an invite from DPA and will be prenominated before commencement of the 2021 Satellite Season on Feb 6-7..These players are free to compete in events across Australia however theyre position in the rankings will be made redundant and automatically pass to the next player should they fill an above position
-If any state or Territory does not hold any Satellite events in 2021 the DPA at its discretion maybe subject to invites to the 2021 Championships for this region..Players will be free to compete in closed events but will need to to come through the qualification process to compete in both the 2021 Oceanic Masters and the 2021 DPA Main playoff
-DPNZ Players competing in the championships are able to play in the 2021 Oceanic Masters as long as they meet 50% Attendance of all DPNZ Ranked events in 2021..NZ Players will be ineligible to compete in the Main Round playoff for Alexandra Palace as they have their own sanctioned tour that Australian players can not compete in in 2021 ..The National Sides for both Australia and New Zealand will be selected by Both Russell Stewart and Dale Frampton at conclusion of all state DPA and DPNZ events from allocated National ranking tables ..In Australia this is the national Dartconnect Table  
-Please note spots in an allocated state team are subject to a final invite from the DPA Executive and the respective allocated team managers
Mens and ladies Captains for October will be announced by March 15
Dubbo Dates - please provision Dates Weds 13 October to Sunday October 24 as event days in Dubbo in your playing Diary
DPA Evolution Tour 2021
State Team Spots for the DPA Evolution Tour in Dubbo for Ages 10-26 will come from the state rankings where possible and may also be subject to invite by the DPA or relevant state they represent including North and South Island players in NZ Via DPNZ ..At time of writing 22/1/21 this event at Dubbo is subject to go ahead only at the discretion of the ALH Group pending Covid restrictions and social distancing measures in place as set out by the government of NSW
DPA Youth spots to the PDC Youth World Championship 2021 United Kingdom
Australia will fill 2 x spots to the United Kingdom* to the PDC world Youth championship aged between 16 and 23 ..Age eligibility may apply ..as of 22 Jan 21 2 x players will come from the DPA youth rankings however if the DPA youth oceanic masters proceeds in June In line with World Series qualifiers one player will come from the rankings and one player from the under 23 ranking table *denotes covid pending travel OCT/NOV/DEC 2021
DPA JDC 2021 Tour
The Selection Policy for the Australian Team will be somewhat different for players in 2021 and will be selected on the following basis .All players will need to compete in the DPA 2021 Satellite Tour in their local city or state and inbox us a 2021 pre nomination to be eligible to appear in the Australian JDC 2021 rankings Please note These team positions are open to both male and female players and proof of Birthdate maybe required in the form of a current birth certificate (if required)
Selection Criteria -
The Top 4 players from the JDC Order of Merit from Players aged 10-17 competing in the 2021 DPA Satellite Tour will gain automatic Selection effective conclusion of all events. This comes from the JDC Australia Dart connect performance Table with prenominated players appearing in the ranking table ..Should the C-19 Virus prevent the full season from being played the top 4 will be selected from a min of 3 weekend events per state ..If 3 events arent played spots will be selected on a wildcard basis by Moses Kainuku
-JDC World Qualifier June 2021 Warillla 2 x playoff spots (Event Covid Pending in line with World Series Qualifiers)Event subject to change due to covid
-Final 2 x spots JDC Australia Team Manager Moses Kainuku will choose 2 wildcards
Please note some venues may have entry rules under Covid for minors including parental supervision and this may not be available in some venues that have number restrictions under a no spectator policy ..Please inbox this page with your Name/Date of Birth/Selected State hub youll be competing in ..i.e...NSW/QLD / Tas etc along with the name of your nominated adult/carer bringing you to 2021 events and contact phone number ..As of 22/1/21 overseas travel for the Australian team seems highly unlikely however will be reviewed weekly in line with govt travel policy
Note that further JDC Events maybe announced during 2021 dependant upon covid restrictions in sponsored venues