The Winmau Satellite Tour Continues this weekend at Warilla Recreation and Bowls Club

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Round Robin – 501 best of 5 legs.

Top 4 from the Group progress to the Knockout

Knockout - 501 best of 7 legs.

Final – 501 best of 9 legs.

We have 55 players in attendance today.



Justin Frey 5-3 Mitchell Clegg


Top 4

Alex Clark 3-4 Justin Frey

Chris Donaghy 1-4 Mitchell Clegg


Top 8

Alex Clarke 4-1 Scott Johnson

Justin Frey 4-1 Shane Wolter

Clayton Collins 1-4 Chris Donaghy

Mitchell Clegg 4-3 Mike Bonser


Top 16

Joel Hynd 2-4 Alex Clark

Scott Johnson 4-1 Mark Wortley

Manny Kato 3-4 Justin Frey

Shane Wolter 4-2 Terrance Insley

Peter Wilmont 3-4 Clayton Collins

Chris Donaghy 4-2 Craig Woodroffe

Luke Hudson 0-4 Mitchell Clegg

Mike Bonser 4-3 Mark Taafe


Top 32

Joel Hynd 4-1 Andrew Eagers

Yorick Yon 1-4 Alex Clarke

Scott Johnson 4-3 Craig Hussey

Mark Wortley 4-2 Shane Horne

Manny Kato 4-2 Tony Welland

Justin Fray 4-1 Ben Clake

Shane Wolter 4-2 Mick Anderson

Terrance Insley 4-1 Jason Dewey

Peter Wilmont 4-1 Aaron Gardner

Clayton Collins 4-0 Terry Charlton

Chris Donaghy 4-1 Winston Coppini

Brad Johnson 3-4 Craig Woodroffe

Luke Hudson 4-3 Pokotea Munokoa

Mitchell Clegg 4-2 John Bunyard

David Cairns 1-4 Mike Bonser

Mark Taafe 4-0 Leon Lovett


Group A

Mitchell Clegg

Joel Hynd

Craig Hussey

Matt Clarke

Leon Lovett

Margaret Eagers

1st – Joel Hynd

2nd – Mitchell Clegg

3rd – Craig Hussey

4th – Leon Lovett



Group B

Mark Wortley

Pokotea Munokoa

Danny Bunyard

Paul Hill

David Cairns

Alex Clarke

Mark Johnson

1st – Mark Wortley

2nd – David Cairns

3rd – Alex Clarke

4th – Pokotea Munokoa



Group C

Clayton Collins

Issac Munokoa

Manny Kato

Cody Dewey

Mick Anderson

Farren Lamb

Craig Woodroffe

1st – Manny Kato

2nd – Clayton Collins

3rd – Mick Anderson

4th – Craig Woodroffe



Group D

Brendan Porter

Aaron Gardner

Terrance Insley

Alf Wyatt

Chris Donaghy

Ben Clarke

Darren Wolter-Gumley

1st – Terrance Insley

2nd – Chris Donaghy

3rd – Ben Clarke

4th – Aaron Gardner



Group E

Peter Wilmont

Nathan Walsh

Matthew Eagers

Justin Frey

Jason Dewey

Winston Coppini

1st – Peter Wilmont

2nd – Justin Frey

3rd – Winston Coppini

4th – Jason Dewey



Group F

Russell Northey

Cohen Timoti

Tony Welland

Shane Wolter

Judy Neaves

Terry Charlton

Brad Johnson

1st – Brad Johnson

2nd – Shane Wolter

3rd – Terry Charlton

4th – Tony Welland



Group G

Mike Bonser

Lucas Gray

Yorick Yon

Luke Hudson

Shane Horne

Jeremy Hourn

Sapphire Allen

1st – Luke Hudson

2nd – Yorick Yon

3rd – Mike Bonser

4th – Shane Horne



Group H

Andrew Eagers

David Boyle

James Rogers

John Bunyard

Scott Johnson

Lavinia Hogg

Mark Taafe

1st – Mark Taafe

2nd – Scott Johnson

3rd – John Bunyard

4th – Andrew Eagers