Harrows Pro Tour Brook hotel

The Harrows Pro Tour continues this weekend at the Brook Hotel in brisbane
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Brook Hotel Brisbane
Pro Tour #16
Friday 7th September 2018

Raymond Smith 6-2 Gordon-Glen Mathers

Final 4
Raymond Smith 6-5 Laurie Loch
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-4 Mike Bonser

Final 8
Raymond Smith 6-3 Rob Modra
Laurie Loch 6-4 Bill Aitken
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-2 Stuart Leach
Robbie King 5-6 Mike Bonser

Final 16
Zinzan Culshaw v Raymond Smith
Rob Modra v Alex Evans
Laurie Loch v Mick Lacey
Bill Aitken v Tim Pusey
Willy Kimura v Gordon-Glen Mathers
James Bailey v Stuart Leach
Anthony Baker v Robbie King
Andrew Eagers v Mike Bonser

Final 32
Zinzan Culshaw v Jack Devries
Greg Walsh v Raymond Smith
Rob Modra v Simon Black
Raymond Hannah v Alex Evans
Laurie Loch v Mick Anderson
Mick Lacey v Jamie Suckling
Bill Aitken v Jakim Dickson
Anton Soc v Tim Pusey
Jen Lange v Willy Kimura
Gordon-Glen Mathers v Jordon Ford
Brendan McCausland v James Bailey
Steve Duke Jnr v Stuart Leach
Anthony Baker v Amanda Loch
Christopher Rowe v Robbie King
Nathan Walsh v Andrew Eagers
Jamie Rea v Mike Bonser

Zinzan Culshaw def Declan Bailey
Corey Naumann lost to Rob Modra
Steve McArthur lost to Laurie Loch

Players in Attendance – 35
Corey Naumann
Simon Black
Jen Lange
Jamie Suckling
Jakim Dickson
Alex Evans
Christopher Rowe
Laurie Loch
Amanda Loch
Mike Bonser
Bill Aitken
Mick Anderson
Jordon Ford
Raymond Hannah
Brendan McCausland
Willy Kimura
Greg Walsh
Raymond Smith
Steve Duke Jnr.
Tim Pusey
Stuart Leach
James Bailey
Declan Bailey
Andrew Eagers
Jack Devries
Robbie King
Jamie Rea
Steve McArthur
Gordon-Glen Mathers
Anton Soc
Zinzan Culshaw
Mick Lacey
Rob Modra
Nathan Walsh