Harrows Grand Masters Evening Event

The second DPA Grand Masters event of the Saturday at Canberra Labor Club was won by after GG Mathers defeated Mal Cuming in the final by six legs to four.
The closeness of the competition was well evidenced in the round of 16 as three matches went to eliminating legs with Damon Heta surviving three match darts from Brandon Weening, Mick Lacey missed the bull fro a 124 checkout only to watch Brody Klinge eliminate him with a 109 check out whilst visits of 177, 100 and 100 from Robbie King was not enough as Mal Cuming checked out 121 to win his deciding leg.
Brody Klinge went 3-0 up against GG Mathers as did Mal Cuming against Time Pusey. Mathers then pulled three legs back as Cuming moved 5-1 clear in his match before winning the match 6-2. Klinge and Mathers then took their match to a deciding leg and it was Mathers took the match. James Bailey took an early 3-1 lead against Brendon McCausland and finished off the match by taking three of the last four legs, including a final 112 check out. The other match started more closely with Damon Heta and Steve McArthur all square after four legs before Heta moved two legs clear, eventually winning 6-3.
At 5-2 up GG Mathers secured a maximum to open his throw and completed the match with a 116 check out. Meanwhile Mal Cuming missed his check out to go 4-2 up and instead James Bailey moved the match back to parity at 3-3. Cuming then jumped to a two leg lead before Bailey broke back to put the match back on throw and then held to put the match into a deciding leg. Cuming threw first and hit a ton on his second visit to the oche and followed it up with a 140, 48 eventually seeing him secure his second final of the day against Mathers.
The opening leg of the final saw both players hit maximum but on throw Mal Cuming had the first chance at a check out and despite not converting 81 he was able to put away the remaining 48 on his next visit to the oche with last dart in hand. Mathers then opened his throw with a 180 and whilst he did not convert 32 when so close to home he was far enough ahead to have two visits to the oche to collect the required eight. Cuming opened leg three with a 140 before following it up with the same, twice. Three darts later and he was ahead in the match for the second time, although it was still on throw. Cuming hit another 140 on his second visit to the oche in leg four but Mathers stayed ahead in the leg and a 118 visit left him needing 96 to tie the match back up. He left 18 as Cuming stepped up but could not convert 141. Mathers then busted 18 as Cumings checked out 84 in two darts to take the first break in the match.
A solid ton set Cumings on his way to holding throw and moving three legs clear but he failed to follow it up with a triple figure score on his second visit. A third consecutive leg scoring 140 moved Cuming to 201 with another ton leaving him 101 away. He left tops as Mathers chased 139 but could only leave the same and two darts later Cuming had moved to a 4-1 lead.
Mathers opened his next throw with a 135 visit. Well ahead in the leg Mathers left 32 after 12 darts and with his 13th he had won his second leg of the match. He then jumped ahead early against the Cuming throw before a couple of 140 visits from Cuming drew them closer together. Cuming had a shot at the bull for 161 but failed to convert and with Mathers leaving 28 Cuming missed two leg darts Mathers then stepped up to grab the break back and leave the scoreboard reading 4-3 to Cuming.
Mathers then comfortably moved ahead on his throw and a 140 visit left him needing just 42. Cumings then hit the same but Mathers won the leg on his next visit. The next level was critical with Mathers edging slightly ahead against the throw. Mathers faced off 87 for the break and got it with his opponent standing behind him needing 56. Having won the last four legs in succession Mathers opened up with 140 which was matched by Cumings at the first attempt. Another ton was not matched by his opponent and a visit of 100 left Mathers needing a 161 check out for the match. Mathers left 101 as Cumings moved from 220 to 139. Mathers then left 32 as Cuming left 50. With last dart in hand Mathers collected his second event of the day.
Mathers was happy with his added success of the day “It is better than what happened last round with three losing finals. I secured my check outs tonight and am really happy with securing my second win of the day in a very difficult field.”