Harrows DPA Grand Masters
Canberra Event 27 of 2019 and event 5 of 2020 was held at the Canberra Labor Club on Friday night. Damon Heta, have already qualified by winning his opening match, progressed through to the final but fell at the final hurdle as Team Misfits colleague Robbie King came through to win the match 6-3.
With a top quality field Damon Heta had to make the final 16 to make it onto the stage at the Alexandra Palace and did so with a 6-2 win over Kerry Allen. He then went on to defeat Liam McLennan 6-4 in the third round to set up a quarter final clash with Corey Naumann.
With James Bailey falling in the round of 16 the tournament opened up for players lower down the order of merit to step up alongside Heta in the semi finals after he had defeated Naumann 6-1 in his quarter final. It was misfit teammate Robbie King who stepped up first as he took out another team mate Tim Pusey 6-4, winning the final four legs on the trot to overcome a two leg deficit to win the match. Team Rebel’s Mick Lacey defeated his team mate GG Mathers 6-3 in the third quarter final and Peter Sutton, who had eliminated Bailey, defeated Stuart Coburn to join the other three in the semifinals.
Damon Heta checked out a 61 in the third leg to take a break and move 2-1 in front. Lacey was not done though and broke back straight away but was unable to hold his own throw once again and fell 3-2 behind and Heta held to move two legs clear at his next throw. It was a lead he would hold on to as he won the match 6-3.
In the other semi final Robbie King fell 3-1 behind after missing tops against the Sutton throw and seeing his opponent take full advantage on his next visit. King held throw to move within one of Sutton and after eight legs the match was tied up. A 140 in the ninth leg moved King to requiring 141. Within two visits King was leading the match 5-4. King missed a chance at 170 for the leg and Sutton converted at his next visit to push the match to a deciding leg. With visits of 97, 140, 100 and 140 King left 24 after 12 darts. He missed on his next visit but Sutton could only move from 184 to 103 and King then secured another final appearance this season.
King won the throw and a second visit of 140 put him in prime position for the first leg. Visits of 134 and a 90 left him requiring 52. He missed tops with his second dart and could not put the third dart away so Heta threw for a break, aiming to collect 100. He left tops but King could not score ten and Heta took a leg he was well out of until the end at his next visit.
A 140 moved Heta to 144 with the same moving King to 145. Heta left 86 as King left 88. With last dart in hand Heta moved two legs clear. King started with 81 on his next throw as Heta piled on the pressure early with a 140 visit. A 140 visit from King in the middle of the leg left him needing 161 as Heta left 147. Neither player could take out the big check out as King went on to miss tops for a 106 check out. Heta missed out on 54 to win the third leg and King moved to within a leg of equity at his next visit.
Heta opened with a ton on this throw which was matched by King in the fourth leg. Both players scored heavily as Heta left 170, a score he had already won a match with earlier in the day. This time he left 110 but and King put that under pressure by hitting the first maximum of the leg to require 65. Heta left 32 and King missed a double for the leg before Heta missed three darts at the leg. Two darts later from King and the match was back at 2-2.
With the match back on throw King hit a 140 on his second visit and was the first to a check out chance. Another 140 had left him needing 41 and his 14th dart took him to a leg lead for the first time in the match.
Heta held throw in the next leg, taking a substantial lead throughout the leg and hitting double 16 with his 13th dart to move the match to three legs apiece. Two visits of 140 from King left him needing 104 as Heta moved to 80 with a 140 visit of his own. Neither player could then take advantage of opportunities presented to them until King took a double seven to hold throw.
A 60 start on the Heta throw was pounced on by King with a 174 start followed up by a 139. King then hit a maximum to leave just 8 required after nine darts. He missed on his next visit but Heta was unable to hit a 164 (leaving 33) and King got the break with his next dart. 5-3 to King.
Heta needed to break the King throw in the next leg and started with a 92 as opposed to King’s 57. A 133 visit from Heta left him a considerable lead. A 137 visit from Heta later in the leg left him needing 80 but he could not get the double required for the leg. With King needing tops thanks to a 140, Heta missed two at double ten and one at double five as King hit double ten with his next dart to win the match 6-3.
Robbie King was delighted to win the opening event of the weekend at the Canberra Labor Club “You don’t often get chances at doubles with Damon and you need to take what you get. I was lucky enough to get a few more than usual and took enough to get through. I am obviously pleased to have won today, and to beat Damon in the final is extra special as he is such a good player.”

Best of 11 Straight Knockout

Damon Heta 3-6 Robbie King

Top 4
Damon Heta 6-3 Mick Lacey
Peter Sutton 5-6 Robbie King

Top 8
Damon Heta 6-1 Corey Naumann
Mick Lacey 6-3 Gordon-Glen Mathers
Peter Sutton 6-3 Stuart Coburn
Robbie King 6-4 Tim Pusey

Top 16
Damon Heta 6-4 Liam McLennan
Ryan Lynch 3-6 Corey Naumann
Mick Lacey 6-1 Josh Townsend
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-5 Brody Klinge
James Bailey 5-6 Peter Sutton
Matt Mullen 3-6 Stuart Coburn
Robbie King 6-4 Brandon Weening
Tim Pusey 6-2 Dave Littleboy

Top 32
Damon Heta 6-2 Kerry Allen
Alex Evans 5-6 Liam McLennan
Ryan Lynch 6-3 Brad Horton
Brendan McCausland 4-6 Corey Naumann
Mick Lacey 6-0 Teresa Hore
Josh Townsand 6-0 Matt Clarke
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-0 Greg Walsh
Brody Klinge 6-1 Josh Kime
James Bailey 6-2 Jason Fraser
Peter Sutton 6-2 Lucas Gray
Rhys Mathewson 2-6 Matt Mullen
Mike Bonser 2-6 Stuart Coburn
Robbie King 6-5 Mal Cuming
Brandon Weening 6-5 Steve MacArthur
Tim Pusey 6-3 Ben Clarke
Dave Littleboy 6-0 Andrew Eagers

Top 64
Damon Heta v BYE
Brad Risti 0-6 Kerry Allen
Alex Evans v BYE
Liam McLennan 6-0 Rod Crawford
Ryan Lynch v BYE
Brad Horton 6-2 Bryson Williams
Brendan McCausland v BYE
Marshall Allen v Corey Naumann
Mick Lacey v BYE
Teresa Hore 6-2 Nathan Reed
Josh Townsend v BYE
Margaret Eagers 1-6 Matt Clarke
Gordon-Glen Mathers v BYE
Greg Walsh 6-1 Paige Jordan
Brody Klinge v BYE
Nathan Walsh 5-6 Josh Kime
James Bailey v BYE
Jason Fraser 6-3 Dwayne Woodhouse
Peter Sutton v BYE
Lucas Gray 6-5 Ross Gorrell
Rhys Mathewson v BYE
Matt Mullen 6-2 Tyler Fitch
Mike Bonser v BYE
Jean-Pierre Van Der Westhuizen 5-6 Stuart Coburn
Robbie King v BYE
Jackie Milligan 0-6 Mal Cuming
Brandon Weening v BYE
Jon Pearson 0-6 Steve MacArthur
Tim Pusey v BYE
Ciaran Holmes 1-6 Ben Clarke
Dave Littleboy v BYE
Mick Lean 3-6 Andrew Eagers