Damon Heta victory in Russell Stewart classic

Damon Heta capped off a great weekend of darts by winning the Russell Stewart Classic on Sunday, defeating in the final the other winner on Day 2, Steve Fitzpatrick.
The opening leg was won by Heta on throw before he stole the early momentum in the next leg and had his chance to take the leg but missed the bull and Fitzpatrick was able to win the leg on is next visit.
Heta opened with 100 on throw in the third leg and with a 90 left himself requiring 145. He secured another 90 on his next visit and with his opponent on 140 took the leg at his next visit.
A poor visit midway through the middle of the next leg from Fitzpatrick gave Heta an opening which he took to move to 127. Heta left 28 as Fitzpatrick chased 155 but could only gain 70 of it. Heta then secured the first break of the match with his first dart at the next visit to the oche. Despite Fitzpatrick opening well Heta was able to top it on his next visit with a 180 and within nine darts he required 122. He left 24 after his next visit and went to a 4 – 1 lead with his 13th dart of the leg.
Again mid leg Heta jumped on half a chance presented to him by Fitzpatrick and had the darts against the throw. With another ton visit Heta left 121 and had six darts to get it. A strong visit left Fitzpatrick on 76 but with his sixth dart chasing the 121 Heta secured a second break and 5-1 lead.
After opening tons from both players Heta threw 140 to move well ahead of his Tasmanian opponent. Moving from 261 to 205 was just a blip for Heta as he redressed the situation by moving from 205 to 75 at his next visit. He then missed a match dart at tops on his next time at the oche but with Fitzpatrick on 112 Heta had another go and secured the double ten required with his last dart in hand, a check out that had done him so well the previous night as well. The final score was 6-1.
Heta was once more honoured to win. “It is a true honour to have my name added to the list of winners of the Russell Stewart classic, he is a true legend of the game. I have worked hard for this season and this was a great way to start. Team misfits has really helped me concentrate on just throwing darts and I am so thankful to them for all that they have done. I now look forward to building on this success throughout the season.”
Earlier Fitzpatrick had outlasted Koha Kokiri, winning 5-4. The other semi final had been clearer, with Heta defeating former World Championship representative GG Mathers 5-2. All four players had won their quarter finals 5-4, Heta over David Platt, Fitzpatrick over Rob Modra, Mathers over Rhys Mathewson, and Kokiri over Haupai Puha.
Steve Fitzpatrick 1-6 Damon Heta
Top 4
Steve Fitzpatrick 5-4 Koha Kokiri
Damon Heta 5-2 Gordon-Glen Mathers
Top 8
Steve Fitzpatrick 5-4 Rob Modra
Haupai Puha 4-5 Koha Kokiri
Damon Heta 5-4 David Platt
Rhys Mathewson 4-5 Gordon-Glen Mathers
Top 16
Steve Fitzpatrick 5-3 Mick Lacey
Brendan McCausland 3-5 Rob Modra
Haupai Puha 5-2 Mike Bonser
Koha Kokiri 5-2 Aaron Delvendiep
Damon Heta 5-2 Ryan Lynch
David Platt 5-3 Tony Welland
Ben Robb 3-5 Rhys Mathewson
Shane Tichowitch 3-5 Gordon-Glen Mathers
Top 32
Raymond Smith 3-5 Steve Fitzpatrick
Mick Lacey 5-0 Jack Sinclair
Brendan McCausland 5-2 Barry Jouannet Jnr.
Rob Modra 5-1 Dave Marland
Haupai Puha 5-2 Raymond O’Donnell
Mike Bonser 5-1 Mathew Leahy
Aaron Devlvendiep 5-2 Andrew Eagers
Damon Heta 5-1 Mick Anderson
Ryan Lynch 5-3 Russell Stewart
Tim Pusey 2-5 David Platt
Tony Welland 5-3 Jack Deveries
Ben Robb 5-0 Kenny Kennedy
Rhys Mathewson 5-4 Dayle Burton-Pye
Shane Tichowitch 5-1 Paul Cotton
Gordon-Glen Mathers 5-2 James Doherty
Koha Kokiri 5-1 Leigh Giblin