Australasian Championship Update

The teams event concluded for all but the mens competition over the weekend (some events concluded Saturday and others on Sunday.) In a busy day there were four finals of other events played as well.
Overall recapping the teams event from the week, the boys event had started with wins to WA, NZ and Tas before Tas and NZ doubled there win tally in the next round, with SA securing their first win having had the by in round one. In Round 3 NZ beat SA as Qld won their first match and WA remained undefeated, having had the bye in the previous round.
Round 4 saw WA continue on their winning way over the previously undefeated NZ team. Tasmania also remained undefeated by beating Vic and NSW were whitewashed nine nil by SA. Round 5 saw WA and Tas win once more as Qld also beat Vic. Round 6 saw Tasmania defeat SA 6-3 and WA beat NSW 8-1. NZ also returned to the winners circle over Qld.
Thus the last round on Sunday saw Victoria defeated NSW in the battle of the also rans, and SA edge out Qld 5-4. The match that decided the title was Tas and WA which Tas took out 6-3 to take out the boys title.
The table saw Tasmania collect a full total of 12 points, runners up WA on 10, SA on six points, QLd on four, Victoria on 2 and NSW on 0 points.
In the girls youth competition NSW Sky came out on top with ten points, SA second on eight, NZ on 6 and the other three teams (Qld, Tas and NSW white) finishing with one win apiece. In the opening round NSW Sky, SA and NZ winning, with all three teams doubling up the following round (NZ beating Qld 9-0 in the most comprehensive of the results). In round 3 Tas joined the winners with NSW Sky (over NZ) and SA remaining undefeated. Round four saw those two teams win once more as the other NSW team secured their first win, over Qld. So the competition in the girls went down to the final round, as happened with the boys. NZ got back to winning ways whilst Qld won their first match (over Tas.) In the match that mattered most NSW Sky defeated SA 5-4, with the final doubles match separating the two teams after they had sat at 4-4 after eight matches.
The women’s event was another close run affair. Qld, NSW, SA and the Indigenous side all won their opening clashes with NSW and SA able to follow up with a win in the next round, joined by Qld and Vic with their first wins. Round 3 saw Qld take out the previously undefeated NSW and NZ North defeating SA. NZ South scored their first win of the tournament and Victoria going two from three in terms of victories. NZ North moved to a 50% win record in the next round with victory over NSW (who fell to 2 and 2) whilst Vic moved to three wins on the trot as QLD remained with a 100% record. SA returned to winning ways as well in this round.
Round 5 saw SA defeat Qld but Vic kept up the pressure on their great rivals with a win over NSW. Both NZ teams won in round five as well. Round 6 saw NZ North and NSW win with Qld doing SA a great favour by defeating Vic whilst SA defeated NZ South. So it came down to the final round to determine an overall winner. Victoria defeated Tasmania with Qld and NZ North also securing wins. However SA were able to catch and leapfrog Qld with a win. It came down to the final match between SA and NSW and it was the SA side that won the final leg of that match to take it out 6-5.
Thus on the ladies table SA ended up on 12 points, as were Qld, but one extra leg for (48 compared to 47) was enough to differentiate the sides, with SA coming out on top. NZ North came third, again on legs four, with Vic fourth (both sides had ended up on ten points.) NSW were next on six points, NZ South on four, with the Indigenous side getting 2 points and Tas not securing a point.
The mens team event saw NZ North, Qld, Vic, NZ South and NSW all winning in the opening round. In the second round the two Kiwi sides, and Qld doubled their win total, with WA joining the list of winners and SA and Vic playing out a seven all draw. Round three saw NZ North become the first Kiwi team to lose as South continued on their winning ways. Qld also remained undefeated as SA and Vic secured their first wins.
In round 4 both NZ sides lost (the South to Qld, the North to SA) whilst Vic remained undefeated and WA beat the ACT. The Indigenous and Tas side played out the second seven all draw of the mens tournament. Round 5 saw Qld, SA, Vic, NSW and NZ Nth all win. Qld then won their sixth game on the trot, over Vic, to move ahead on the table. SA and WA kept the pressure on with wins, whilst NSW drew with NZ North as the South defeated the Indigenous side.
Round 7 saw Vic get back into the winners circle, as the Kiwi sides played out a draw against each other. Qld, SA and WA all secured good wins to remain high in the calculations for the men’s title. In the penultimate round played on Sunday morning the NZ North side upset the previously undefeated Qld as SA, Vic and WA all won to draw closer to the leaders. The ACT side defeated Tasmania to secure their first win of the tournament, and move up two places on the table.
With a round to play in the men’s competition Qld sits on 14 points, with Vic and SA both one point behind. WA is on 12 points with NZ North on 10 and the South ready to leapfrog their near neighbours at 9 points. NSW is on 5, ACT on 2 with the Indigenous side (one point) just behind Tasmania on legs four (by two.)
In other events played on Sunday:
In the Men’s Singles Australasian Championship final 32 Mick Lacey defeated Ryan Lynch 4-3, as Damon Heta whitewashed Mark Smyth. Corey Cadby did the same to young starlet Zaine Skelton as David Platt snuck past good friend Barry Gardner 4-3. Steve Gooch defeated Colin Edwards 4-2 and Mark Taafe over Jed Nethercot by the same. Graeme Ryder outlasted Andrew Upton 4-3 and Cody Harris, having been three nil up, defeated Russell Stewart 4-2. Michael Cassar upset Ray Smith 4-3 as Loz Ryder defeated GG Mathers 4-1 whilst Ben Robb took out Kerry Allen 4-2. Mal Cuming defeated James Bailey in the deciding leg. Graeme Lowe edged out veteran Jerry Weyman as Steve MacArthur won, 4-2 over Mark Taafe. Haupai Puha whitewashed Peter Sutton as Pat Molloy won 4-2 over Alex Evans.
In the round of 16 Damon Heta went through another match without losing a leg, this time against Mick Lacey as Cody Harris defeated Loz Ryder by the same scoreline. David Platt won 4-1 over Steve Gooch with Haupai Puha defeating Pat Molloy by the same. Mal Cuming defeated fellow Victorian Corey Cadby 4-2. Ben Robb defeated fellow Kiwi Graeme Lowe 4-0 whilst Steve MacArthur took out the final match in the round of 16 over Justin Thompson 4-1.
In the first quarter final Damon Heta defeated fellow WA player and fierce rival David Platt 4-1. Ben Robb defeated Mal Cuming 4-2. Haupai Puha took out Steven Macarthur 4-1 and Cody Harris survived multiple match darts to win 4-3 against Michael Cassar. The semi finals saw Robb continue his winning streak over Kiwis by defeating Haupai Puha 5-2 whilst Cody Harris saw off a red hot Damon Heta 5-3 to make the final and have his chance to demonstrate to the new guard that he was still the player to beat in New Zealand, although his opponent, having seen off such great opposition so far, was ready for him. The all Kiwi final was a tight run affair with the match going to the last leg where youngster Robb again demonstrated the confidence and calmness he has gained from his amazing year of darts in New Zealand by winning the 11th and final leg, the match and the title.
In the Women’s Singles Australasian Championship top 16 Lavinia Hogg, Lisa Sandham, Janine Cassar, Helen Taylor, Lorraine Burn, Amanda Loch, Ann Lacey and Perry Noreen were victorious. Hogg then defeated Sandham in a deciding leg, and it went down to the same between Burn and Noreen, with Burn coming out on top. The other two matches finished 3-1 with Cassar winning over Taylor and Loch over Lacey. The semi finals were clear affairs with Janine Cassar taking out all three legs over Lorraine Burn and Amanda Loch only conceding one leg in defeating Lavinia Hogg. It was Loch who would come away with the title after again only conceding one leg in her 4-2 defeat of Cassar.
In the women’s match play final held over from the previous night Emma Watkins defeated Chenesse Kauika 3-1 whilst in the men’s event David Platt went within a leg of victory before James Bailey took a second leg off him. Platt then won the seventh leg to take out the match 5-2 and win the men’s match play final.