The New Zealand south pairs team combination of Puha and Robb, defeated Tasmanians Fitzpatrick and Thorp to take out the men's Australasian doubles
whilst the women's was won by NZ North Island pair, Waitere and Kauika, who defeated South Australian duo Promnitz and Leonard.
Finally a win for the Australians in the Boys Youth competition saw Western Australia pair Dorotich and McAvoy defeat New Zealand's Adams and Mathews
In the Girls Youth Doubles Championship South Australia continued to carry the flag for Australia with a win to Avis and Gottwald, defeated New Zealand's Regnaud and Heavey

Mens Doubles
Board 1 & 2
R Smith/G Mathers (QLD)
Prizeman/Eagers (NSW)
Cadby/Thompson (VIC)
Fitzpatrick/Thorp (TAS)
Puha/Robb (NZ Sth)
Heta/Pusey (WA)
Major/Gallagher (IAS)
O’Donnell/Loch (SA)
Stewart/Lean (ACT)
Harris/Irwin (NZ Nth)
1st – Heta/Pusey (WA)
2nd – Puha/Robb (NZ Sth)
3rd – Fitzpatrick/Thorp (TAS)
4th – Smith/Mathers (QLD)

Board 3 & 4
McArthur/Bailey (QLD)
Taafe/Bunyard (NSW)
Mathewson/Cuming (VIC)
Hales/Watkins (TAS)
French/Ross (NZ Sth)
L Ryder/Sutton (WA)
Robinson/Todd (IAS)
Pinder/Nethercot (SA)
Sim/Leahy (ACT)
Johnson/Walters (NZ Nth)
1st – McArthur/Bailey (QLD)
2nd – L Ryder/Sutton (WA)
3rd – Taafe/Bunyard (NSW)
4th – Mathewson/Cuming (VIC)

Board 5 & 6
Aitken/King (QLD)
Bonser/Ma Allen (NSW)
Cameron/Powell (VIC)
Henricks/Donaghy (TAS)
Harrington/Keen (NZ Nth)
Hughes/Jouannet (WA)
Lacey/Simpson (IAS)
Vasey/Smyth (SA)
Molloy/Pearson (ACT)
Szabo/Lowe (NZ Sth)
1st – Aitken/King (QLD)
2nd – Vasey/Smyth (SA)
3rd – Cameron/Powell (VIC)
4th – Hughes/Jouannet (WA)

Board 7 & 8
Lacey/Evans (QLD)
Marland/K Allen (NSW)
Lynch/Dargan (VIC)
Woodberry/Emmerton (TAS)
Ryder/Webster (NZ Nth)
Chapman/Stokes (WA)
Collins/Kennedy (IAS)
Modra/Edwards (SA)
Crawford/Targett (ACT)
Gooch/Cleaver (NZ Sth)
1st – Gooch/Cleaver (NZ Sth)
2nd – Modra/Edwards (SA)
3rd – Lacey/Evans (QLD)
4th – Marland/K Allen (NSW)

Last 16
Heta/Pusey (WA) v Mathewson/Cuming (VIC)
Puha/Robb (NZ Sth) v Taafe/Bunyard (NSW)
McArthur/Bailey (QLD) v Smith/Mathers (QLD)
Modra/Edwards (SA) v Lacey/Evans (QLD)
Gooch/Cleaver (NZ Sth) v Marland K Allen (NSW)
Vasey/Smyth (SA) v Cameron/Powell (VIC)
Aitken/King (QLD) v Hughes/Jouannet (WA)
L Ryder/Sutton (WA) v Fitzpatrick/Thorp (TAS)

Last 8
Heta/Pusey (WA) v Puha/Robb (NZ Sth)
McArthur/Bailey (QLD) v Modra/Edwards (SA)
Gooch/Cleaver (NZ Sth) v Cameron/Powell (VIC)
Hughes/Jouannet (WA) v Fitzpatrick/Thorp (TAS)

Last 4
Puha/Robb (NZ Sth) v McArthur/Bailey (QLD)
Cameron/Powell (VIC) v Fitzpatrick/Thorp (TAS)

Puha/Robb (NZ Sth) v Fitzpatrick/Thorp (TAS)

Puha/Robb (NZ Sth)

Board 25 & 26
Promnitz/Leonard (SA)
Harrington/R Padget (NZ Sth)
Kauika/Waitere (NZ Nth)
Johnson/Barrington (VIC)
Martin/Green (IAS)
Watkins/Harback (TAS)
1st – Kauika/Waitere (NZ Nth)
2nd – Watkins/Harback (TAS)
3rd – Harrington/R Padget (NZ Sth)
4th - Promnitz/Leonard (SA)
Board 27 & 28
Paige/Pedder (QLD)
Van Den Kieboom/Loch (SA)
Clark/French (NZ Sth)
Cassar/Hadley (VIC)
Parry/Ahmann (IAS)
Hogg/Allen (NSW)
1st – Van Den Kieboom/Loch (SA)
2nd – Cassar/Hadley (VIC)
3rd – Hogg/Allen (NSW)
4th – Parry/Ahmann (IAS)

Board 29 & 30
Burn/Sheerin (QLD)
Stone/T Avis (SA)
Makiha/Regnaud (NZ Sth)
Taylor/Sandham (VIC)
Cross/Milligan (NSW)
Emmerton/Soden (TAS)
1st – Burn/Sheerin (QLD)
2nd – Stone/T Avis (SA)
3rd – Emmerton/Soden (TAS)
4th – Taylor/Sandham (VIC)

Board 31 & 32
Lacey/Krabble (QLD)
Pitma/Campbell (NZ Sth)
Hohipa/Bennett (NZ Nth)
Ward/Casey (IAS)
Neaves/Walker (NSW)
Lange/Jordan-Jago (TAS)
1st – Ward/Casey (IAS)
2nd – Hohipa/Bennett (NZ Nth)
3rd – Neaves/Walker (NSW)
4th – Lacey/Krabble (QLD)

Last 16
Burn/Sheerin (QLD) v Lacey/Krabble (QLD)
Cassar/Hadley (VIC) v Hogg/Allen (NSW)
Waitere/Kauika (NZ Nth) v Taylor/Sandham (VIC)
Stone/T Avis (SA) v Emmerton/Soden (TAS)
Van Den Kieboom/Loch (SA) v Watkins/Harback (TAS)
Promnitz/Leonard (SA) v Ward/Casey (IAS)
Hohipa/Bennett (NZ Nth) v Harrington/R Padget (NZ Sth)

Last 8
Burn/Sheerin (QLD) v Cassar/Hadley (VIC)
Waitere/Kauika (NZ Nth) v Emmerton/Soden (TAS)
Van Den Kieboom/Loch (SA) v Promnitz/Leonard (SA)
Ward/Casey (IAS) v Hohipa/Bennett (NZ Nth)

Last 4
Burn/Sheerin (QLD) v Waitere/Kauika (NZ Nth)
Promnitz/Leonard (SA) v Hohipa/Bennett (NZ Nth)

Waitere/Kauika (NZ Nth) v Promnitz/Leonard (SA)

Waitere/Kauika (NZ Nth)

Youth Boys
Board 12 & 13
Rundle/Charlton (QLD)
Mitchell/Z Skelton (SA)
Wolter-Gumley/Flegg (NSW)
Dickson/David (WA)
Pu/Kohey (NZ)
Dodge/Scott (TAS)
Midola/Farley (VIC)
1st – Dodge/Scott (TAS)
2nd – Mitchell/Z Skelton (SA)
3rd – Pu/Kohey (NZ)
4th – Rundle/Charlton (QLD)

Board 14 & 15
Ford/Bailey (QLD)
Nottage/R Skelton (SA)
Budd/Whitby (NSW)
Dorotich/McAvoy (WA)
Adams/Mathews (NSZ)
Upton/Dawkins (TAS)
Tan/Rogers (VIC)
1st – Adams/Mathews (NZ)
2nd – Dorotich/McAvoy (WA)
3rd – Upton/Dawkins (TAS)
4th – Tan/Rogers (VIC)

Last 8
Dodge/Scott (TAS) v Rundle/Charlton (QLD)
Upton/Dawkins (TAS) v Dorotich/McAvoy (WA)
Mitchell/Z Skelton (SA) v Pu/Kohey (NZ)
Tan/Rogers (VIC) v Adams/Mathews (NZ)

Last 4
Dodge/Scott (TAS) v Dorotich/McAvoy (WA)
Mitchell/Z Skelton (SA) v Adams/Mathews (NZ)

Dorotich/McAvoy (WA) v Adams/Mathews (NZ)

Dorotich/McAvoy (WA)