Heta Doubles up his success on Day One of Qualifiers
The first qualifier for the Darts ANZ World Series of Darts event in Brisbane went to Damon Heta as he repeated his success in the first qualifier for Melbourne. This final saw Heta defeat David Platt 6-3.
The earlier board finals were won by Raymond O’Donnell (5-4 over Zinzan Culshaw), Loz Ryder (5-4 over Lucas Cameron), Chippy Miller (5-2 over Ash Britt), James Bailey (5-2 over Rhys Mathewson), Anton Soc (5-4 over fellow West Australian Barry Gardner), John Bunyard (5-3 over Andrew Eagers), David Platt (5-1 over GG Mathers), and Damon Heta (5-3 over Kevin Luland.)
In the quarter finals Platt defeated Bunyard 5-3, with Miller replicating that scoreline over Ryder. O’Donnell defeated Bailey in the last leg of nine. The most comprehensive result was Heta’s 5-1 win over Soc. The semi finals saw Platt win 5-3 over ODonnell and Heta came from 2-3 behind to win the last three legs on the trot and take the match 5-3.
The final saw David Platt open with a maximum against the throw and he consolidated his good stat by hitting double 20 for the first leg. Damon Heta then matched Platt’s early effort by scoring a maximum in his first visit to the oche on his opponents throw. Platt had a chance to win the leg but left 32 and Heta punishe him by securing double 18 for the leg.
Heta then opened with 180 and two visits later Platt matched him. This leg Heta was not going to give Platt a chance as he checked out 128 for a 2-1 leg lead. In the 4th leg Heta hit another 180 to move to 58 and on his next visit he had secured a break against his opponent (3-1.) He then opened with a 134 and 100 before Platt hit another maximum. Platt tried to check out 131 but could only score 119 to leave 12. Heta took full advantage again by securing the required 28 for a 4-1 lead.
Platt then opened with another maximum and high scoring saw the match move quickly through this leg. With a 133 Platt left 58 and watched as a 100 left his opponent on 76. With his next two darts Platt secured his second leg. (4-2)
In leg 7 Heta had another 180 opening and with a 138 later in the leg moved to 128. Platt then secured a 140 to leave 167. Heta chased 128 but only got 41 to leave 87. Platt then moved from 167 to 137 before Heta scored 47 to leave tops. Platt then scored 97 to leave tops himself but Heta got it first with the initial dart of his next visit and moved to within a leg of the match at 5-2.
Platt then opened with a 100 and was the first to get a chance to check the leg out but only scored 60 to leave 100. His opponent then missed two chances for the match as Platt on his next visit missed his chance and left double 20 for the leg. Heta then missed all three at tops as Platt secured a 5-3 scoreline with his first dart of his next visit.
Both players had lower starts in the next leg but a 140 and 180 seemed to put Platt in a better place until 145 left Heta on 36. Platt could not get a 131 check out and left himself on 93 as Heta left 18. Platt missed a double 16 for the leg on his next visit and instead left that 32 as Heta stepped up and took out the double 18 with his next dart to take out the match 6-3.
The final was another classy affair as Platt hit 6 maximums to Heta’s 4, although Heta made an average of 101.09 compared to his opponent’s 98.59 excellent average. The most important statistic was Heta’s 6 legs to Platt’s 3 which secured him another appearance on the PDC stage, this time in Brisbane’s Darts ANZ World Series of Darts debut event.