Pro Darts Tour Mackay Day 1

Russell Stewart v Gordon Mathers
In the first match of the night Australia’s domestic number one player from 2017 took on the legend of Aussie darts in Rusty Stewart. Early up Mathers took a 2-0 lead before Stewart broke back with a double five. The next leg saw Stewart miss tops for a 116 check out and then both players missed chances before a double 8 gave Mathers a critical 3-1 lead.
The next leg saw a 32 finish from Mathers before Stewart checked out 25 in the next leg through a 9, 8, double 4 route. The next leg was all Mathers as he moved within one leg of the match.
Having left tops the next leg looked to be Mathers but he missed three darts at it. He then missed all three and double 10 and gave Stewart a chance. It was not to be though as Stewart missed all three shots at his check out score and on his next visit Mathers put his second dart into the right double for the match.
GG Mathers 6 Russell Stewart 2
Match 2
Jamie Harvey v Raymond Smith
With some heavy scoring Raymond Smith started his match against Jamie Harvey well, breaking the Scotsman in the first leg with a double eight check out. However Harvey hit back as Smith missed chances to double his lead and instead a double 16 put Harvey back on level terms. The next leg saw contrasting openings of 26 and 180. Smith looked to take full advantage but he missed three at tops for the leg as Harvey drew closer. However with his first dart of the next visit Smith moved ahead and his lead was consolidated with a solid next leg on his own throw.
The next leg saw Harvey broken again and the game looked all Smith until Harvey hit tops to break back after Smith had busted chasing the check out. At 4-2 Harvey needed to hold throw, something he had failed to do so far. With Jamie Harvey on 88 Smith hit the required 32 to bust any revival Harvey seemed to have going.
However the Scotsman was not done yet as a 125 moved him to 76. The Aussie had a shot at 82 by hitting the bull with his first dart but he missed the next two darts at double 16 and Harvey threw tops to complete the 76 required to break Smith again. Yet again it was down to the Harvey throw and yet again Smith would break. With Harvey on 97 Smith secured the required check out with his second dart, the match finishing 6-3 in his favour.
Raymond Smith 6 Jamie Harvey 3
Match 3
Andy Hamilton v John Bunyard
A 180 start from Hamilton indicated things to come and despite missing many darts at check out in the first leg he was able to throw the first check out dart to take a 1-0 lead. In the second leg he got the check out with his second attempt and in the third leg he converted 77 with just two darts.
The fourth leg saw Bunyard finally punish Hamilton for his misses of check out throws with a double ten giving him his first leg. 3-1. JB then could not get the 42 required on the next leg and with a 10 and double 5 Hammer took a three leg lead. More missed darts at check out in the next leg from Hamilton but with his opponent so far behind and needing 40 he hit it with his last dart in hand to take a 5-1 lead.
The last leg saw Hamilton miss the bull for the match but Bunyard could not check out the big number required (throwing 91 to leave 36 instead) and Hamilton won the match with a double 4.
Andy Hamilton 6 John Bunyard 1
Match 4
Phil Taylor v Kevin McCarthy
The fourth match saw Phil Taylor secure another whitewash, this time against Kevin McCarthy. After slicing through the first two legs a 140 start from Taylor was capped off by a double 16 at the end to go three up. The same double takes him four legs up with a double break.
The fifth leg saw McCarthy collect his first 180 but scores of 140 and 125 from Taylor around it still gave him the lead. Taylor got a double ten with his second shot at it to take the leg. Two 140 visits from Taylor in the sixth leg puts him well ahead and he went for bull, 25, bull for a 125 finish only for his last dart to bounce out of the bull bed. An 18 and double 16 on his next visit gave Taylor the match 6-0.
Phil Taylor 6 Kevin McCarthy 0
Match 5
Johnny Kuzynski v Tic Bridge
The first leg of the next match went to Tic Bridge as he got double 12 to check out at his second attempt. With Bridge well ahead in the next leg he was not able to convert 160 with the six darts he had and after two shots at it the Johnny K finally threw the required double 11 to tie the match up.
The next leg saw Bridge miss two darts at tops as his opponent moved to 106. Bridge then busts with the wrong double on his next visit and his opponent steps up to secure the 106 check out to take the lead with a break of throw. Bridge broke straight back, though, as Kuzynski missed another 106 finish at the double 20.
With Bridge on 183 the American moved from 146 to 46. Two darts on his next visit put Kuzynski 3-2 up with the break once more. The next leg saw Kuzynski go well ahead and despite missing tops for the leg was able to come back to the oche and secure the leg with his next throw.
The next leg saw Bridge hold throw and his opponent did the same in the 8th leg to retake a two leg lead, 5-3. Bridge had to win the next leg but was well behind for most of it. However his opponent failed to secure one hundred in six darts and Bridge was able to steal the leg with a double ten at the second attempt.
In the next leg both players missed multiple attempts at check out before a double 18 gave Kuzynski the leg and the match, 6-4.
Johnny Kuzynski 6 Tic Bridge 4
Match 6
Dimitri Van Den Bergh v Lucas Cameron
The first leg was a story of missed doubles for Lucas Cameron as he missed six darts for the leg and his opponent scored a double eight for the first leg. The same double gave Van Den Bergh a two leg lead (scoring a bull and double 16 for the 82 check out.)
Cameron scored two maximums in the next leg and his opponent missed double 12 three times but still it was not to be as Cameron missed his own check outs and a double six gave Van Den Bergh a three leg lead.
The next leg saw Van Den Bergh take the darts but he missed his doubles as Cameron put away double ten for the leg. It was a resumption of service in the next leg though as Van Den Bergh takes advantage of Cameron’s missed check outs to secure double 18 with his second attempt at it and move out to a 4-1 lead. He then just missed a 145 check out with Cameron missing check out darts around that attempt. At his next throw the Belgian went 5-1 up.
A 74 finish gave Cameron the next leg and with his doubles now working again, the Aussie was able to get his second shot into the double 20 bed and move the match back to 5-3.
Having already missed one match dart Van Den Bergh then had to stand back and watch to see if Cameron could convert 118. He could not and Van Den Bergh came back to throw the double and secure the match 6-3.
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 6 Lucas Cameron 3
Match 7
Devon Peterson v Dave Littleboy
In what was the best match of the night it was the Aussie veteran who took an early lead with an 84 check out thanks to a double 18. With the break Littleboy was then able to take advantage of his opponent missing critical doubles to hold his throw and go two nil up.
With a 180 start Petersen was able to relatively comfortably hold his throw and secure his first leg of the night. However with Petersen well behind Littleboy almost checked out 147 and was able to come back and throw the leftover double 9 on his next visit to go 3-1 up.
Another comfortable leg on throw for the South African saw him go within a leg before Littleboy checked out 103 to take the score to 4-2 in legs. Another comfortable leg on throw for Petersen saw him move to within one with a double four.
The next leg was one of missed chances for both players but Petersen finally threw a double 5 to break back and draw the match level after eight legs. He then threw a 14 dart leg to take the lead for the first time in the match, albeit on throw. Peterson missed one double 16 for the match in the next leg before his opponent missed the bull. The South African then burst 32 and a 17 and double 4 gave the Australian the leg on his throw.
So to a final leg with Peterson throwing first and openings of 100 and 125 were followed by heavy scoring that left Peterson on 120. Peterson scored 80 to leave tops and assumed he would be back only for his opponent to throw treble 20, 16 and double tops for the required 116 to give Littleboy the match, 6-5.
Dave Littleboy 6 Devon Peterson 5
Match 8
Kyle Anderson v Rhys Mathewson
In the final match of the night a 140 start from Kyle Anderson helped him take a good lead against the throw of Rhys Mathewson. He went on to take the break and lead one nil but Mathewson came back and broke Anderson’s first throw. Anderson then broke Mathewson again before Rhys tied things back up by winning against the throw for a second time.
After Anderson broke for a third time he finally held on to his own throw to take a 4-2 lead. He took the next leg against the throw - as he has done on every other throw of his opponent and held on once more to win the match 6-2.
Kyle Anderson 6 Rhys Mathewson 1