Australasian Championships Round Up

The 2017 Australasian Darts Championships have concluded in Dubbo New South Wales...
Congratulations to all winners and participants .
Thanks to all our partners and sponsors for making this yet another successful event in 2017

Full results are as follows

Test Match Australia v New Zealand 28-26 Russell Stewart to Collect Trophy
Oceanic Masters
Ladies Runner up Sally Fenton
Ladies Winner Chrissy Sheerin
Men's Runner up Tahuna Irwin
Mens Winner Bernie Smith Invite to Ally Pally
3rd Ladies QLD
2nd Ladies NSW
1st Ladies NZ North
3rd men NZ South
2nd men Victoria
1st men Western Australia
Ladies Runners Up Chrissy Sheerin / Sally Fenton
Ladies Winners Kit Bennett and Sha Hohipa
Mens Runners Up Aaron Delvendiep and Raymond Odonnell
Mens Winners Tim Pusey and Damon Heta
DPA Australian Matchplay
Ladies runner Up Kitt Bennett
Ladies Winner Tara Mears
Mens Runner up David Platt
Mens Winner Loz Ryder
DPA Australian Singles
Ladies Runner Up
Ladies Winner
Mens Winner
Mens Runner up

Highest Peg
There was 4 x 170s
1 x ladies Deb Soden
3 x men Russell Stewart / Greg Major and Dave Williams

Averages Women top 8
Number 8 Leanne Ward 55.26
Number 7 Renata Downs 55.59
Number 6 Lavinia Hogg 55.86
Number 5 Desi Mercer 56.25
Number 4 Melina Van Den Kieboom 56.55
Number 3 Sha Hohipa 57.20
Number 2 Wendy Harper 59.61
Number 1 Judy Fenton 60.93

Averages Men top 8
Number 8 Lucas Cameron 78.66
Number 7 Aaron Delvendiep 81.06
Number 6 Ray Odonnell 81.48
Number 5 Haupai Puha 83.31
Number 4 Justin Thompson 84.12
Number 3 Warren Parry 85.38
Number 2 Damon Heta 85.44
Number 1 Raymond Smith 88.71

Prodarts Series Invites
John Bunyard NSW Invite to Mackay
Dave Littleboy QLD Invite to Mackay
Steve Duke Snr VIC – Invite to Mackay
Pat Molloy ACT Invite to Townesville
Haupai Puha NZ North Invite to Brisbane
Warren Parry NZ South Invite to Gold Coast
Raymond Odonnell South Australia Invite to Brisbane
Brad Thorp Tasmania Invite to Gold Coast
Greg Major Indigenous Rep invite to Townsville
Damon Heta Western Australia Invite to Brisbane

DPA 2017 Hall of Fame entrants for their years of dedication to the Sport of Darts in Australia
Brian Roach - New South Wales
Steve Duke Snr - Victoria