The 2017 Oceanic Masters will commence on Sunday 29th October at the Macquarie Inn, Dubbo, NSW,
Players from all over Australia and New Zealand will be battling it out for a qualifying position in the 2018 PDC World Dart Championship at the Alexandra Palace London
Preliminary Knockout(1 player to progress to round 2)
Format best 7 legs to Winner
Round 1
Dave Littleboy defeated Raymond Smith
Jason Mudge lost to Jack Killen
Jordan Ford defeated Matt Woodberry
Greg Walsh defeated Jon Pearson
David Martin-Henry lost to Sam Bailey
Glenn Casson lost to Matthew Mullen
Bobby Simpson defeated Trevor Taggart
Greg Major defeated Ron Fenton
John Taylor lost to Dave Littleboy
Andrew Townes defeated Waverly Brown
Jack Killen lost to Jordan Ford
Zinzan Culshaw defeated Andy Pinder
Greg Walsh defeated Sam Bailey
Braidon Charlton lost to Laurie Turner
Matthew Mullen defeated Bobby Simpson
Greg Major lost to Dave Littleboy
Andrew Townes defeated Jordan Ford
Zinzan Culshaw defeated Greg Walsh
Laurie Turner lost to Matthew Mullen
Dave Littleboy defeated by Andrew Townes
Zinzan Culshaw defeated Matthew Mullen
Andrew Townes defeated Zinzan Culshaw

**Andrew Townes progresses into Round 2

Round 2 Round Robin Best 5 Legs Top 2 Qualify to Main round

Board 1
David Platt
Russell Stewart
Andrew Eagers
Steve Fitzpatrick
Dwayne Seabourne
James Bailey
John Kiley
1st – David Platt
2nd – James Bailey

Board 2
Damon Heta
Chris Jarvis
Rex Harper
Dan Kelly
Aaron Delvendeip
Lucas Edwards
Wayne Hamlin
1st – Chris Jarvis
2nd – Dan Kelly

Board 3
Andrew Townes
Matt Leahy
Scott Kennedy
Mark Jones
Jerry Weyman
Barry Gardner
Clayton-James Collins
1st – Barry Gardner
2nd – Andrew Townes

Board 4
Daniel Waterhouse
Willy Kimura
Michael Christie
John Watkins
Ian Dargan
John Bunyard
Paul Emmerton
1st – John Bunyard
2nd – Willy Kimura

Board 5
Matt Clarke
Samuel Laing
Lewis Kirk
Jamie Hales
Dave Williams
Michael Conlan
1st – Dave Williams
2nd – Lewis Kirk

Board 6
Daniel Sim
James Fitzpatrick
Dave Henricks
Graham Ryder
Tremaine Gallagher
Jordan Christie
1st – Graham Ryder
2nd – Tremaine Gallagher

Board 7
Rob Modra
Laurie Loch
Tony Pettit
Paul Cotton
Pat Molloy
Brad Thorp
1st – Rob Modra
2nd – Brad Thorp

Board 8
Loz Ryder
Tim Pusey
Colin Edwards
Dave Marland
Ray O’Donnell
Brian Roach
1st – Loz Ryder
2nd – Dave Marland

Final 32
Corey Cadby 4-6 Andrew Townes
Casey Matthews 0-6 James Bailey
Haupai Puha 6-4 Graham Ryder
Steve Duke Snr 5-6 John Bunyard
Bernie Smith 6-3 Dave Marland
Kalani Hillman 6-5 Tremaine Gallagher
Craig Ross 2-6 David Platt
Rhys Mathewson 6-4 Chris Jarvis
Lucas Cameron 6-3 Brad Thorp
Tic Bridge3-6 Barry Gardner
Quintin Gardner 6-4 Lewis Kirk
Warren French 6-1 Dave Williams
Tahuna Irwin 6-1 Willy Kimura
Koha Kokiri 6-2 Rob Modra
Warren Parry 6-4 Loz Ryder
Graeme Lowe 5-6 Dan Kelly

Final 16
Andrew Townes 6-4 James Bailey
Haupai Puha 6-4 John Bunyard
Bernie Smith 6-4 Kalani Hillman
David Platt 6-2 Rhys Mathewson
Lucas Cameron 6-1 Barry Gardner
Quintin Gardiner 2-6 Warren French
Tahuna Irwin 6-2 Koha Kokiri
Warren Parry 5-6 Dan Kelly

Final 8
Andrew Townes 3-6 Haupai Puha
Bernie Smith 6-5 David Platt
Lucas Cameron 6-3 Warren French
Tahuna Irwin 6-3 Dan Kelly

Final 4
Haupai Puha 2-6 Bernie Smith
Lucas Cameron 3-6 Tahuna Inrwin

Bernie Smith 6-5 Tahuna Irwin