'The King' reigns on night 1

Corey 'The King' Cadby defeats previously unbeaten Phil 'The Power' Taylor on night 1 of the TABtouch Perth Darts Masters.
New Australian star Cadby, the 21-year-old who has won seven tournaments on the DPA's domestic Australian Grand Prix circuit this year, took on four-time Sydney Darts Masters champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor in a replay of last weeks first round in Sydney.
Cadby appears to have learnt from his errors last week and listened to the advice Taylor provided as he managed to do something many others have found to be impossible over the years; Cadby defeated Taylor 6-2.

Having won the throw it was Cadby who would start the match of his life.

A 60 start from the local boy was matched by Taylor with his first dart, Taylor then collecting 81 in total. Cadby got 120 as his third dart bounced out, reminiscent of Sydney. 140 from Taylor left 180, but Cadby got his 180 (no bounce out that time) to leave 100. Taylor hit 140 to leave tops after 12 darts. However the more confident Corey hit the treble twenty, then twenty, then double ten to take a one nil lead.

The second leg was opened with a 140 from Taylor as a start. Cadby could only collect 59 and Taylor drove home the advantage 140 again. A 60 from Cadby was not enough as Taylor hit his third 140 leaving himself 81, whilst a 97 from Cadby left 285. As Cadby was not on a finish Taylor set himself up by leaving 32 and with his first dart at a finish Taylor was back on even terms, 1-1.

A 96 start from Cadby in the third leg was beaten by a 140 from Taylor but the man running second on the DPA tour matched the 140 at his next visit. A 100 from Taylor put him in a good spot and it was looking even better until a last dart treble 19 gave Cadby 96. With Taylor on 161, Cadby sat on 169. Cadby left 110 as Taylor misses bull for to check out 161. Triple 18 and double 18 as his last two darts sees Cadby regain the lead, 2-1 on throw.

Cadby is not nervous this week and is playing the board, not the man. Two centuries as the next openings demonstrated the class of this match. It was followed up by 123 from Taylor and then a 119 for Cadby. 134 from Taylor then left 144. A century does not leave a check out for Cadby so Taylor is comfortable in leaving himself 16. Cadby scores a 41 to leave 141 but Taylor checks out with his first dart at the double 8, levelling the match at 2-2. It would be Taylor’s last leg.

The fifth leg saw a 92 from Cadby and 100 for Taylor. There was then a run of hundred plus results with 100 for Cadby, 136 for Taylor, and 140 for Cadby leaving him on 169 and Taylor on 220. 97 from Cadby left 72 as Taylor hit 180 to leave just 40. It put a lot of pressure on his opponent and normal humans would have cracked but Cadby threw his darts with more force and hit his check out to lead 3-2. It would be a sign of things to come, that Cadby would not be the first to crack.

A 60 start from Taylor is matched in one dart by Cadby and he followed it up with two more for a maximum. Taylor matched it with his own to demonstrate his prowess. Cadby responded with a century before Taylor collected 96 and Cadby hit 99 (unlucky not to have got more). It left Cadby on 122 with Taylor on 165. A 90 for Taylor left 75. Cadby hits the big score, 122, to break Taylor and lead 4-2.

To demonstrate the strength of his position Cadby opened with a 180 in the next leg. Taylor can only respond with 100. Then 140 from Cadby can only be matched by Taylor. On 181 Cadby scores 140 as Taylor does the same, leaving himself 121. Cadby hit 9 and then his dart caught a deflection to get 25 instead of closing out the match and it left him 16. At this point Phil Taylor could have claimed the leg and the momentum but he missed the bull. Cadby needed double 8 and got it with his first throw to go 5-2 up.

In what would be the final leg Taylor started with 125 which was then matched by Cadby. A 123 from Taylor was then dwarfed by a maximum from Cadby. Taylor then saw his last dart bounce out and only collected 40. At 196 Cadby hit 140 to leave 56. For Taylor 139 left 74. Cadby then missed two darts at double 20 for the match. Taylor gets a shot at double 20 himself and misses it. With three darts in hand Cadby does it on his first to give Taylor his first loss in the World Series in Australia, 6-2.

Looking ahead Cadby told DPA “In the end to win it you have to take out the best, so I am not bothered who I play.”

This is how the fifth match up of the night went

*Picture courtesy of Emma/DPA