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Harrows Pro Tour

Day Three of the Harrows DPA Pro Tour event at the ALH Macquarie Inn Dubbo held two further straight knockout events.
Event 17 saw Steve Fitzpatrick do a job on Ben Robb jumping ahead 5-1 before taking the match 6-2 whilst Damon Heta won his match 6-0 for the second game in a row (having won his first match 6-1.) The other quarter finals were also one sided affairs with James Bailey and Koha Kohiri beating Dave Marland (6-2 – with a 138 final check out) and Dave LIttleboy (6-1) respectively.
In the first semi final the match was level after two legs. A check out of 111 with his opponent on 87 saw Heta return to the lead after three legs. Fitzpatrick then hit a 14 dart leg to take the match back to parity after four. Heta then took three games in a row, including breaking Fitzpatricks’s throw in the second of those games. Heta then had a shot at the match but missed and his opponent secured the leg with his next but one dart. In the next leg Heta missed match darts and saw the Team Rebel man win against the throw. Fitzpatrick then threw a 146 to go to a deciding leg against his Team Misfits opponent. He then broke the throw of Heta with 17 darts to take the match 6-5.
In the other semi final Koha Kokiri won the first leg before breaking the James Bailey throw to go two up. Bailey then broke the Kokiri throw to get back into the match and then, despite his opponent having a shot at the leg, held throw. Both players then held throw to move the match to 3-3. Kokiri then held throw and broke his Team KIWI DPA DPNZ team mate’s throw to lead 5-3. Bailey then missed three check out darts in the next leg and watched as Kokiri took full advantage to win 6-3.
The Final of event 17 saw Team Kiwi DPA/DPNZ’s Koha Kohiri take on Team Rebel’s Steve Fitzpatrick.
Kokiri won the throw for the first leg and it was he who had first shot at the leg, leaving 32. With his opponent failing to convert 141 he was able to take the leg with his next dart. A 137 in the next leg saw Kohiri leave himself 50 and Fitzpatrick had to chase an unlikely 152 for the leg. He failed to do so and Kohiri had a 2-0 lead after two more darts.
After five visits in the next leg each player had scored 100 or over (and the sixth was a 97 from Fitzpatrick to leave 170). Both players then missed leg darts with Fitzpatrick scoring 25 in two darts to break his opponent. A 139 start was followed up by a maximum and then a 140 from the Tasmanian (Kohiri had also had three ton plus visits.) In 11 darts Fitzpatrick had tied the match back up after four legs.
Kohiri was unable to hit a 170 finish in the next leg but was far enough ahead to get it on the next visit anyway. Fitzpatrick was unable to convert 70 on his own throw and watched as Kohiri put away tops to take a 4-2 lead. Kokiri attemped to check out 136 on the next leg with his opponent standing behind him on 110. Both players failed to check those totals out and it was left to Kohiri to convert on his next visit and move within a leg of the match.
A 140 start from Fitzpatrick was matched by Kohiri on his second visit to the oche in leg eight. A 115 then left Fitzpatrick requiring 89 as Kohiri moved from 176 to 76. Fitzpatrick missed the bull for the leg and Kohiri was good enough to take full advantage and win the match by six legs to two.
Kohiri was delighted to win “It was a good statement of intent and my first win of this season so I am obviously happy. It is great to have a team around me like Team Kiwi for support and this win was important to me.”
Event 16 on the DPA calendar saw Steve Fitzpatrick comprehensively defeat Ben Robb 6-1. Robb had some tough matches all morning whilst Fitzpatrick had felt he should already have beaten Robb in on one of their other titanic struggle of the previous days. Damon Heta started strongly in his match and went to a 4-0 lead before Paul Cotton took a leg. In the end Heta won the match 6-2. Robbie King was one leg away at five legs to three before Lynch held throw to put King’s throw under some pressure. King was able to hold his nerve though and took the match 6-4. Haupai Puha went 3-0 up and had his chances in the fourth leg but Raymond O’Donnell took his chance to get back in the match. In the seventh leg O’Donnell held throw to move back to within one leg of his opponent. He was then able to finish off the stronger of the two players and won 6-5.
In the semi finals Damon Heta took an early break to lead 2-0 against Steve Fitzpatrick before the Tasmanian broke back and levelled the match at 2-2. Heta then won two legs in a row to take back a two leg lead before Fitzpatrick broke his opponent in the seventh leg and then held throw to move the match back to 4-4. The next two legs went on throw to move the match to a single deciding leg which was won by Fitzpatrick as he broke the throw of Heta to lock up a 6-5 win.
Raymond O’Donnell won the first leg of his match before Robbie King took three games in succession to gain the upper hand in the match. O’Donnell held the next leg to move back within one of parity. King then moved to another two leg lead and ended up winning the match by six legs to three.
The final was a battle of a previous world youth championship player verse a 2018 Australian representative in the same competition. Robbie King of Team Misfits won the bull to throw first but a poor first visit and a 140 from Steve Fitzpatrick gave the Team Rebel player the early momentum. A maximum on his third visit moved King closer but it was Fitzpatrick who set up a first opportunity for the leg by leaving 125, which he completed with his 12th dart to take an early break. On throw Fitzpatrick threw 90 and then 100. King was unable to get a treble in three successive visits and a 60 from Fitzpatrick left him requiring 134 (and at least six darts to get it.) A 134 from King put his opponent under pressure but in the end Fitzpatrick took the leg with a double 18.

Leg three saw Fitzpatrick get his first maximum on his initial visit to the oche but his following visits were inconsistent. A 140 moved King to 100 whilst Fitzpatrick could not convert 108. King missed double ten for his first leg and with two darts the Tasmanian had a three nil lead in the match. King hit a maximum on his second visit against the darts in leg four but could only follow up with a 42. A ton visit from Fitzpatrick left him needing 147 as 125 from King left him requiring just 71. Neither player could convert on their next visit and King eventually took the leg with a double eight. He then threw first in leg five but a 180 from Fitzpatrick gave him a good lead in the leg. King stood needing 89 when his opponent missed tops for the leg. King then missed five darts to hold throw and Fitzpatrick finally took his chance to lead 4-1.

Leg six was critical to King but Fitzpatrick got to a check out first, requiring Nelson (111). He missed and King then converted 115 to get back into the match. Having had three breaks in a row it was vital that King held throw for him to get back into the match effectively. He left Shanghai as his opponent moved to 137. Neither player converted their high check outs with King finally hitting double 8 for the leg.
Leading by only one leg Fitzpatrick looked to regain the impetus by holding throw. King pounced on a poor visit from his opponent to move ahead in the leg but his 140 was matched by Fitzpatrick on his next visit. King missed tops for the leg as he chased 154 but was able to return to the oche and secure it with his next dart.

With the match at parity after eight legs King hit two visits of 137 to leave 136. Both players chased the same check out but neither could convert and it was left to King to hit double two and lead the match for the first time. King had won four games in succession and to stay in the match Fitzpatrick had to hold throw. He moved his way through the leg to leave 170 but was unable to convert it. His opponent failed to convert the second biggest check out possible and Fitzpatrick converted the 74 required to move the match to a final deciding leg.

Neither player could hit a treble with their opening six darts of the final leg but King scored 100 on his third visit and followed it up with the same. With Fitzpatrick well behind King chased 105 for the match and missed a double for the match. Fitzpatrick required 142 but also missed a match dart. King then hit the double 16 with his next dart to take his second final in successive days.

King was ecstatic with the win once again “With the quality of the field to win two tournaments in successive days is a real buzz. I am aiming for consistency but my win yesterday has given me real confidence that I can win tight finals.” For Fitzpatrick there was obvious disappointment but also pride in his result. “I have beaten players of the calibre of Ben Robb and Damon Heta to make the Final today and Robbie and I had a cracking match so it is hard to be too disappointed but obviously at this stage of my development in the game I am here to win finals.”


Day 3 of the Harrows Pro tour continues Saturday in Dubbo NSW
stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Harrows DPA Pro Tour ALH Macquarie Inn Dubbo Weekend

Event 13 saw quarter finals of the calibre of Ryan Lynch v Dave Marland, where the youngster outlasted the former Melbourne Darts Masters competitor 5-4, Steve Fitzpatrick v Damon Heta where Heta’s strong run of results came to a bump in the road, losing 2-5 to the Tasmanian, Robbie King v Haupai Puha, where the all conquering Kiwi was taken down by a resurgent former World Youth Championship player in King five legs to two and James Bailey v Mick Lacey, both of whom have been very consistent of recent times but Bailey demonstrating his class with another match finishing 5-2.
In the semi final stage Bailey hit the best average across the four players as he took out King five legs to three. Bailey had gone out to an early 2-0 lead and was never headed as each player then went leg for leg before a 13 dart leg handed the match to Bailey. The other semi saw both Australian representatives for the World Youth Championship from last year go head to head. Both players won their opening games before Ryan Lynch took two legs in a row. Steve Fitzpatrick was unable to put two legs in row of his own and thus Lynch took out the match 5-3.
The Final was over before it began as Bailey smashed out four legs in a row, averaging over 100 in the third leg alone. Lynch finally took out a leg in the fifth leg (despite Bailey averaging over 120 for the leg) and he also secured the seventh leg but missed his chances in the eighth and Bailey secured a 6-2 win.
Afterward Bailey was delighted, “I always want to play consistently and am absolutely ecstatic to have taken out another final.” For Lynch it was a day of contrasting fortunes, “It was a funny day as I know I can play better but I did take my chances to make the final and am happy to have made that stage.”
Day two started with a knock out event as event 14. Damon Heta put behind his defeat in the quarters of the previous day to beat veteran Bill Aitken in a deciding leg whilst Ben Robb also moved through that stage, by the same scoreline over Team Rebel’s Steve Fitzpatrick. In the other quarters Robbie King took out the winner from the previous day, James Bailey, by six legs to two, and Raymond O’Donnell defeated Haupai Puha.
The semi finals both finished 6-3 with Robb overcoming Heta and King taking O’Donnell down.
The final saw Robb open his throw with a 180 only to lose the leg. King then held his throw, holding a 100% check out conversion after the two legs. A second maximum from Robb in leg three was enough to give him a big enough lead but even then King had one dart at a 3-0 lead. He missed and with his next dart Robb had halved his opponent’s lead.
The next leg was very close but Robb missed double 16 for an equaliser and two darts later King had checked out to take a 3-1 lead. Robb then secured the next two legs, with a double eight putting the match back into parity at three legs each.
Robb then had to hold his throw to take the lead for the first time in the match and a third 180 looked to have helped his cause until King responded with the same later in the leg. Robb still had two shots at tops for the leg but missed them and a double four was enough for King to regain the lead. King then held his throw in the next leg with a double five after Robb had two shots at double ten for an immediate break back.
With a 5-3 lead King was just a leg away but with Robb throwing first he could stay in the match by holding throw. Another 180 visit moved him to 139 and within five darts Robb had put the pressure on King throwing for the match in the next leg. In that leg King hit a 123 but Robb responded with a 140. King had first shot at a check out score, needing 135, but only managed 55 to leave 80. Robb then chased 141 but could only move to 58. King then left tops after his next visit but Robb then missed his own chance to check out. The next dart after that from King turned out to be the winning dart, as he secured the match and the event, with a 6-4 win in the final.
King was delighted to have finally secured a tournament win, his first since 2014. “It was great to have the monkey off my back and win a final. It is really pleasing to have this winning feeling once again at this level and I am looking forward to using this to help my game in the future.”


The Harrows Pro Tour continues this weekend at the Macquarie Inn, Dubbo . Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results


The Harrows Pro Tour continues this weekend at the Macquarie Inn, Dubbo .
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

HARROWS DPA Challenge Tour Update

The DPA Challenge Tour was on again over the weekend and in Sydney the second venue for the event, the Blue Cattle Dog Hotel at St Marys, saw James Doherty take out the first two events over Liam McLennan on both occasions. The following day Doherty picked up a hat trick of wins with victory over Nathan Walsh (5-3) before another regular winner, Kerry Allen, returned to winning ways with a 5-2 victory over Doherty (who had played in every round over the whole weekend.)
At Mollymook, on the South Coast of NSW, Manny Kato won his first event of the Challenge Tour with a win over regular victor Shane Wolter in the second event after Wolter had taken out the first event of the weekend with a 5-3 win in the Final over Russell Northey. Day two started the same way day one had, with a 5-3 win to Wolter over Northey. Manny Kato then doubled his own victory tally with a 5-0 whitewash of Matt Craig in the last event.
At the Young Services Club in south western NSW Greg LeStrange continued his good form with a 5-3 win over Rod Crawford before Josh Townsend took out the second event, defeating Adam Faulkner 6-4 in the Final. Le Strange then took out both events on the Sunday, with a 4-2 win over Faulkner and then a 4-3 victory over Mick Lean in the final event of the weekend.
At the Italian Club in Morwell the Victorian leg of the championship saw Brode Klinge defeat veteran Dean Gibbs 5-2 in the second final having won the first event 5-1 over Brandon Weening, a young player riding a wave of success in recent weeks. Weening followed up on the weekend by handing another defeat to Gibbs in a Final, taking out the win 5-4. In the final event Klinge completed a hat trick of wins on the weekend with a 5-2 win over Kjell Ove Almeland.
The next Challenge Tour event will be occurring in Tasmania before the action returns to Queensland and across NSW and Victoria. The Harrows DPA Pro Tour has a bumper round this coming extended weekend at the ALH Macquarie Inn Dubbo, host of the first two DPA/DPNZ Australasian Championships in 2016 and 2017.


COREY CADBY picked up his first PDC title since his return to action, while Jeffrey de Zwaan was also victorious on the Unicorn Development Tour on Saturday in Wigan.

Australian star Cadby, who returned to the PDC circuit earlier in April following 12 months of Visa complications, won Event Six with a 5-3 victory over Luke Humphries in the final.

Cadby made it through to the last 16 for the concession of just three legs, and then averaged 100.3 in a 4-2 win over fellow-Tour Card Holder Geert Nentjes.

Victories over William Borland and Justin Smith followed, before Cadby produced a 102.3 average in the final to get the better of two-time Development Tour Order of Merit winner Humphries.

Event Six also saw Callan Rydz land a nine-dart finish in his 4-3 defeat to Bertus Herks in the opening round.

DPA Challenge Tour Rankings

The DPA Challenge Tour rankings are now live and online
Keep up to date with the latest news in the Harrows DPA Challenge tour
you can view the rankings by licking on the rankings list in the main menu or the links below


2019 DPA Challenge Rankings ACT Points Table

2019 DPA Challenge Rankings Mollymook Points Table

2019 DPA Challenge Rankings Sydney Points Table

2019 DPA Challenge Rankings QLD Points Table

2019 DPA Challenge Rankings SA Points Table

2019 DPA Challenge Rankings VIC Points Table

PDC World Series of Darts return to Melbourne in August

WORLD champion Michael van Gerwen will head a cavalcade of darting superstars when the PDC World Series of Darts returns to Melbourne in August
The world No.1 will be joined at the BCEC on August 16-17 by defending Melbourne Masters champion Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright, ex-world champ Rob Cross, two-time worldb champion Gary Anderson and 2018 Players Championship Finals winner Daryl Gurney.

Three Aussie stars - World Championship finalist Simon Whitlock, 2017 Auckland Darts Masters winner Kyle Anderson and rising star Corey Cadby, the 2018 UK Open runner-up- will also be in Brisbane battling for the title

Further competitors will be confirmed in due course, with other leading PDC players set to be joined by qualifiers from Australia and New Zealand.

The Melbourne Masters is part of a worldwide circuit of top-calibre darts tournaments which this year will have more than $25 million in prizemoney up for grabs.

The World Series of Darts was introduced in 2013 by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), and this year will feature five international tournaments before the season-ending World Series of Darts Finals in the Netherlands.

The Oceanic leg of the World Series of Darts will touch down in Brisbane, Melbourne and Hamilton in New Zealand.

Each international event will feature 16 players, with the World Series of Darts Finals being a 24-player event.

Tickets for the Melbourne Darts Masters are available now via

Ticket information for all events is available at

2019 Melbourne Darts Masters

The Melbourne Arena

Friday August 16 (1830 local time)

First Round x8

VIP Tickets $191.45

Table Tickets $84.40

Tiered Seat Tickets $73.20


NATHAN ASPINALL is to make his World Series of Darts debut in July after competitors for this year's international events were confirmed.

Aspinall followed up his run to the World Championship semi-finals by winning the 2019 UK Open last month ahead of his Contender appearance in the Premier League.

The Stockport youngster will now step onto the global stage after being confirmed as one of the eight PDC competitors for July's US Darts Masters in Las Vegas.

Aspinall will join reigning champion Gary Anderson, World Champion Michael van Gerwen and Premier League stars Rob Cross, Daryl Gurney, Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price and Michael Smith competing at the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort on July 4-5.

The US Darts Masters - the first of the year's five international events on the World Series of Darts circuit - will also feature eight North American players following qualifying events on July 2-3.

Austria's Mensur Suljovic will defend his title at the German Darts Masters on July 12-13 as the sport's top stars return to Europe for the third staging of that event.

Five-time World Champion Raymond van Barneveld and reigning European Champion James Wade will join Van Gerwen, Cross, Anderson, Gurney and Wright in competing at the LANXESS Arena in Cologne.

Those eight PDC stars will take on eight leading German aces, with the World Cup pairing of Max Hopp and Martin Schindler to be joined by German Superleague qualifiers Gabriel Clemens, Nico Kurz, Kevin Munch, Robert Marijanovic, Christian Bunse and Maik Langendorf.

The World Series of Darts will continue with an Oceanic treble-header during August as the leading players in the sport head Down Under.

Cross will defend the Brisbane Darts Masters title on August 9-10 as the BCEC plays host to the World Series of Darts for a second successive year.

The Melbourne Darts Masters, at The Melbourne Arena on August 16-17, will then see Wright defending the title he claimed 12 months ago.

That pair will be joined in all three of August's events by Van Gerwen, Anderson and Gurney as well as the Australian trio of Simon Whitlock, Kyle Anderson and Corey Cadby.

In addition, top New Zealander Cody Harris has been invited to compete in the NZ Darts Masters, presented by Burger King and TAB, with Hamilton's Claudelands Arena hosting the World Series of Darts for the first time on August 23-24.

Further competitors for the events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Hamilton will be confirmed in due course, with other leading PDC players set to be joined by qualifiers from Australia and New Zealand.

Following the five international tournaments, Amsterdam's AFAS Live will host the season-ending World Series of Darts Finals from November 1-3.

Ticket information for all events is available at

Mathers Trots in for Two Victories in Tasmania

East Devonport Recreation Centre hosted weekend three of the Harrows DPA Pro Tour for 2019. There were three winners over the four events, with former champion GG Mathers winning two, and James Bailey and Raymond O’Donnell, both representatives at the World Series of Darts last year (as Mathers was), coming away with one win apiece.
The first knock out was held on Friday night with GG Mathers victorious in the Final over Kiwi superstar Ben Robb by six legs to three. Mathers came out strongly to lead 3-0 before the players swapped legs through to the end of the match, the match finishing 6-3.
Earlier Damon Heta had won through to the final eight by defeating Brendon McCausland 6-3 in the Round of 16. His opponent in that next stage was Robb who had defeated another top ten player in Shane Tichowitsch by the same score-line. Mick Lacey and James Bailey had the biggest wins (6-1) in the final 16 stage but only Lacey would win any more matches that night, with Bailey falling to Koha Kokiri (3-6) in the quarters after Kokiri had put out Hayden Scott in the previous round. Mick Lacey won his quarter final in a final leg decider over Tim Pusey. Pusey had previously overcome another Kiwi superstar, in Haupai Puha, 6-4. Mathers had made it to the quarters thanks to a 6-2 win over Laurie Loch whilst Ryan Lynch returned to the form that saw him make the World Youth Championships last year, overcoming a previous multi time entrant into the same tournament, Robbie King, by six legs to four. Mathers then defeated Lynch by taking out the 11th and final leg of their quarter final.
The semi-finals were not even affairs with Mathers defeating Kokiri 6-3 whilst Robb was even more comprehensive in his 6-1 win over Lacey.
On the Saturday James Bailey came away with a win thanks to his 6-1 victory over Mick Lacey in the Final of event 10. Lacey had won the first leg of the match before Bailey threw doubles to check out the next six legs and take home the win, securing a 93.4 average along the way.
Earlier the semi-finals had been comprehensive affairs as well, although it was good to see the two Raymonds return to form by making this stage, although Smith lost to Bailey 2-6 and O’Donnell lost 3-6 to Lacey. The quarter finals had seen Bailey defeat Lucas Cameron 6-1, Lacey overcome Tim Pusey in a final leg decider, Smith eliminate Mike Bonser 6-2 and O’Donnell edge out Ben Robb in the 11th leg of their match.
The losers in the Round of 16 included the likes of McCausland, Tichowitsch, Fitzpatrick, Puha, Rundle, Kokiri, Mathewson and Mathers. For half of these players it would not be their only Round of 16 loss on the Saturday.
The second event on Saturday saw a player who has dominated this year, in Damon Heta, return to another Final, although it ended up not being the result he would have been after.
The quarter finals had seen Heta defeat a finalist from the day before, Ben Robb, by six games to two. His opponent in the semi-finals was the ever reliant Mick Lacey who had seen off Haupai Puha 6-4 in his own quarter finals match. The other two quarters had seen Koha Kokiri and GG Mathers set up their own semi-final after wins over Brad Thorp (6-2) and Robbie King (6-4) respectively.
The quality of the field was demonstrated by the names who had dropped out at the final 16 stage once more, names like Rundle, Tichowitsch, Fitzpatrick, Pusey, Bonser, Cameron, Mathewson and Smith, with previous World Championships, World Youth Championships, World Series of Darts and Australian representatives making up seven of these names and Rundle a multi time winner on this year’s Harrows DPA Challenge Tour.
The semi-finals were not close affairs as Mathers defeated Kokiri 6-3, an exact replica of their semi-final the night before, and Heta was even more comprehensive with a 6-2 victory over Lacey. Once again the player who took out Lacey in the semi-final was not able to follow it up with a win in the Final. This time Mathers took out Heta in a clear 6-3 victory. Mathers had led 5-1 in the match before Heta won two legs on the trot but the comeback was too big for even a man of his talent and with an overall average of 89 and a final 12 dart leg Mathers took out the match and his second competition of the weekend.
Sunday was the last opportunity for players to come away with a win from Tasmania and the Final came down to two players who had not made that stage this year, with both on the comeback trail in some form. Shane Tichowitsch has made a strong comeback to the pro tour this year, whilst Raymond O’Donnell was chasing the kind of consistency he had demonstrated last year. The final was therefore always going to be interesting. After winning the first leg Tichowitsch lost the next three on the trot before winning two to tie the game up at three legs each. O’Donnell then broke his opponent before holding throw to lead 5-3. Tichowitsch demonstrated all of his experience in holding the next leg on throw but was unable to break his opponent in the 10th game and O’Donnell came away with the 20 points and the win from event 12.
The Round of 16 had seen O’Donnell overcome Tim Pusey five legs to four and Tichowitsch win five nil over Laurie Loch. In other matches Steve Fitzpatrick defeated another Tasmanian born player in Rhys Mathewson 5-4, Lucas Cameron beat Michael Cassar five legs to three, Jamie Rundle defeated fellow Queenslander Raymond Smith and Bill Aitken demonstrated he still has it with a 5-3 win over Ben Robb. The final two matches of this stage saw two consistent players over the weekend, Damon Heta and Mick Lacey match off, with Heta winning 5-3 and the Kiwi contingent gain some revenge as Haupai Puha defeated GG Mathers 5-2.
The quarter finals saw Fitzpatrick defeat his team Rebel team mate (as he had also done the round before) Cameron, 5-2, as Aitken defeated Puha 5-4. Kiwi born Heta was put out by another superstar veteran in Tichowitsch by five legs to three, whilst O’Donnell beat youngster Rundle 5-3.
The semi-finals were both close affairs with O’Donnell seeing a 2-0 lead against Aitken dissipate before winning every alternate leg from that point to win the match 5-4. Tichowitsch averaged 92.7 as each leg went on throw before he stole the final leg against the throw, with his opponent in Fitzpatrick sitting on 36 to take the match for himself.
The Harrows DPA Pro Tour continues at the Macquarie Inn in Dubbo NSW in May for a massive extended weekend of darts, with six events being played and a whole lot of points on offer. It marks a critical juncture in the race for the title and the prize of a place in the PDC World Championships at the end of the year.

Harrows Pro Tour Day 3 East Devonport

The Harrows DPA pro tour continues this weekend in East Devonport. Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Harrows Pro Tour Day 2

The Harrows Pro Tour continues this weekend in East Devonport . Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Harrows Pro Tour East Devonport

The Harrows Pro Tour continues this weekend in East Devonport. Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Challenge Tour Weekend 2 Victoria

In the Harrows DPA Challenge Tour Victorian division weekend two Brody Klinge won three out of four events in Ballarat over the weekend whilst young starlet Jackson Viccars took out the other event at the Central Highlands Darts Club.
The first event on the Saturday saw the field of 29 whittled down to four quarter finals where wins were secured by Kjell Ove Almeland (4-3 over Steve Fox), Dean Gibbs (4-0 over Jackson Viccars), Curt Horvatek (4-1 over Trevor Pumprey) and Brody Klinge (4-0 over Brandon Weening.)
Veteran Gibbs won through in his semi final against Ove Almeland (who had made such great progress in the first weekend of events in February.) The other semifinal saw Klinge outlast Horvatek. The final itself saw Klinge outshine Gibbs, winning 5-2 for his first event victory of the weekend (and his third overall this year on the challenge tour.)
The players then lined up for the knock out event that evening where Viccars, Horvatek and Klinge all lined up in the quarter finals once more. Viccars and Klinge actually went head to head and it was Klinge who came out on top comprehensively (5-1). Horvatek was dominated by Jon Hein (who whitewashed his opponent 5-0.) Kayleigh Johnson defeated Aaron Bradley in a close match by five legs to four whilst in the final Quarter Final Glenn Beall took out Hayden Psaltis with a 5-3 victory.
Hein and Klinge then set up a Final clash with good wins over Johnson and Beall respectively. For the second time in the day Klinge made short shift of his opponent in the Final, replicating the scoreline from his earlier win, five legs to two.
Gibbs, Hein, Ove Almeland and Beall made their second quarters of the weekend in Sunday’s first event but Klinge and Viccars one upped them all by making their third appearance at this stage in three events. Gavin Cuthbert and Ash Britt made up the final positions. Beall defeated Britt 4-1 whilst Ove Almeland lost 2-4 to young Viccars. Klinge then kept his undefeated run over the weekend alive by putting out Cuthbert 4-2 and Hein whitewashed Gibbs in their quarter final match.
The semi finals both finished 4-1 as Viccars defeated Beall and in a bit of a surprise, given his form from the day before, Klinge lost to Hein. Thus the final was set but again it was a one sided affair with the very talented Viccars winning the match 5-1. The Challenge Tour is certainly doing the job of showcasing talent around the country, whether they are 60 or 16!
In the final event of the weekend 31 players entered the knock out draw. Brandon Weening made his second quarter of the weekend but fell at this stage once again, losing the deciding leg of nine against Viccars. Also losing in this manner was Cody Midolo, who lost to Curt Horvatek. Dean Gibbs also failed to progress past this stage after he was defeated by Gavin Cuthbert 5-3. Brody Klinge continued his strong progress by taking out Joel Potter 5-1.
Viccars and Klinge set up their second head to head clash in the elimination stages of the weekend by defeating Horvatek (5-0) and Cuthbert (5-2) respectively. In the final it was Klinge who edged ahead and held on, winning 5-3.
Overall it was a very successful weekend at the Central Darts Club in Ballarat and shone a light on two names in particular, Brody Klinge (who backed up his two wins from events 1-4 with another three this weekend) and youngster Jackson Viccars, who not only won one event but made another final and played at the quarter final stage of all four events. The next round of the Harrows DPA Challenge Tour in Victoria will be held on April 27/28 at the Italian Australian Club in Morwell.

Harrows DPA Challenge Tou

This weekend saw the continuation of rounds 5-8 of the Harrows DPA Challenge Tour at the Murray Bridge Dart Club in South Australia, and Mollymook Beach Bowling and Recreation Club on the south coast of NSW.
In South Australia Saturday’s events started with a win to Kevin Young. Young whitewashed Damian Rivett in the final after overcoming Laurie Rankine Jnr in their semi-final. Rivett had made the final after winning his semi-final against Scott Gould.
The quarter-final matches had seen Rivett win 4-0 over Dwayne Wilson, Gold beat Ian Brown 401, Rankine Jnr defeat Brook Nisbett 4-0 and Young defeat one of the stars of events one to four, Deb Leonard 4-1.
That night Rivett made his second final of the day but this time he got the result as he defeated Scott Gould 5-3. Deb Leonard and Ian Brown were the losing semi-finalists (Rivett defeating Leonard 5-0 and Gould 5-2 victorious over Brown.) The losing quarter-finalists were Brook Nisbett, Darren Young, Wendy Broadbent and Laurie Rankine Jnr.
In the first event on Sunday Kevin Young returned to his winning ways as he defeated Darren Young 5-0 in the final. Kevin had defeated the other winner from the weekend to that point, Damien Rivett, in the semi-final (4-2) whilst in the other semi Darren defeated Laurie Rankine Jnr by the same score line. Scott Gould (3-4 to Rankine Jnr), Alex Cunningham (0-4 to Darren Young), Mark Kluske (3-4 to Rivett) and Mark Clasohm (1-4 to Young) all lost at the quarter final stage.
The final event saw Scott Gould get past Bill Leonard at the quarter final stage, and then defeat Deb Leonard 5-2 in the semi-finals. Kevin Young had beaten Alex Cunnigham 5-1 and then Kluske 5-2 to make his way through to the final against Gould. (The other two losing quarter finalists were Darren Young and Jamie Baker.) The final saw Kevin Young take out his third title of the weekend, and second of the day, as Gould finished runners up for the second time in two days.
At Mollymook Bowls club Shane Wolter sent out a strong message by comprehensively winning the first event of the weekend. He defeated David Boyle 5-2 in the final, Darren Wolter-Gumley 4-0 in the semi-final stage, and Darren Lane 4-2 in their quarter final. Boyle had progressed past Gary McGregor 4-0 in his quarter final and David Boyle 4-3 over Matt Craig in their semi-final. The other two quarter finals had seen Wolter-Gumley defeat Alfred Wyatt 4-2 and Matt Craig beat John Boyle 4-2.
Event 6 saw Wolter win once again, this time against another Boyle, in the form of John, with the final score being 5-1. Wolter had beaten his opponent from the final earlier in the day, David Boyle, 5-1 in his semi-final, whilst his opponent in the final had defeated Darren Lane by the same score line.
Losing quarter finalists included Alfred Wyatt and Gary McGregor, who lost at this stage for the second time in a day, Matt Craig, who had won at this stage in the previous competition, and John Horwood, who made this stage for the first time in the day.
Sunday saw service resume as normal as Wolter won his third competition of the weekend, defeating a new foe in the final once again, in Dan Prestage (the match going to a final leg decider and finishing 5-4 to Wolter.) Wolter had defeated Darren Lane 5-2 and Prestage 5-2 over Colin Horwood in the semi-finals. Losing quarter-finalists included participants at this stage from the previous day Alfred Wyatt and Darren Wolter-Gumley as well as new names in Jamie Apps and Ron Gibb.
In event 8 Prestage and Wolter would again face each other in the decider, with Wolter making it four events out of four by winning the final, although unlike earlier in the day the final would be comprehensive, finishing 5-0. Darren Lane fell at the semi-finals for the second time in the day, this time 4-2 to Prestage. Wolter also whitewashed his semi-final opponent in Darren Wolter-Gumley. The losing quarter-finalists were Danny Watson, Gary McGregor, Matt Craig and Rob Gibb.
The competition is back on again in Victoria next weekend, with events 5-8 to be held at the Central Highlands Dart League in Ballarat Victoria.

DPA Challenge tour

Weekend two of the DPA Challenge tour got underway at three venues across Australia. Events in Sydney, at Pritchard’s Hotel, Pine Rivers Club in Queensland and Young (The Services Club) in country NSW went ahead on the Saturday and Sunday.
In Sydney the first event of the Saturday (event #5 overall) saw two finalists from the first weekend line up again as James Doherty defeated Liam McLennan with remarkable darts and spectacular finishes putting his opponent to the sword by five legs to one. Wayne Blair, so consistent in events 1 to 4, and Craig Hussey both lost at the semi-final stages 1-4 whilst Lavinia Hogg, Shane Reeves, Luke Hudson and the evergreen Paul Neighbour were the losing quarter finalists.
In the Saturday evening knockout McLennan made his second final of the day but lost out to another winner on the first weekend at Pritchard’s Hotel in Kerry Allen. The final was a much closer affair and came down to the deciding leg which Allen pounced on to secure another win on tour. Lavinia Hogg improved on her afternoon run by making the semi-final but lost 2-4 to Allen. Mark Lennard lost by the same score line to McLennan at the same stage. Losing quarter finalists this time around included Blair and Hussey, the two losing semi-finalists from event 5, as well as Jamie Budd and Paul Neighbour.
Sunday was St Patricks Day and Doherty celebrated his Irish heritage by defeating Liam McLennan in another final. This final, though, was a lot closer than the day before but McLennan fell once more, this time in the deciding leg, losing 4-5. Doherty was delighted with another win “Being St Patricks day this win was important to me. Liam is one of the most consistent players here and this time it was very tight. I am pleased to have put a second win together in two days.”
Craig Hussey had made his second semi-final of the weekend, but lost 2-4 to Doherty. McLennan defeated Scott Harlor 4-4 in the other semi-final. Two women made up the four losing quarter finalists with Lavinia Hogg repeating her effort from the day before and Sapphire Allen joining her. Stuart Rofe and Chad Kainuku made up the other participants in the quarter finals.
The final knockout of the weekend saw Hogg’s consistency rewarded as she upset Doherty 4-3 in the quarter finals. Hussey also made the semi-finals once more with a 4-2 win over Nathan Reed whilst McLennan made his fourth semi-final of the weekend by whitewashing Luke Hudson. The other semi-final position went to Alex Clarke as he defeated Darren Hampton 4-1.
McLennan made his fourth final of the weekend by defeating Clarke 4-2 in one semi-final whilst Hussey defeated Hogg 4-1 to make his first final of the weekend. In the final it was Craig Hussey who defeated McLennan 5-3, with McLennan securing runners up position for all four events over the weekend in Sydney.
In Queensland, at Pine Rivers Club, Thomas Justice took out his first challenge tour event after defeating Dave Evans 5-1 in event five’s final. For Evans it was an improvement on his semi-final appearance in tour event four. Earlier Beau McCrae had made it three semi-finals in a row but was whitewashed by Justice. Brendan Buckley had taken Evans to a deciding leg before succumbing. Losing quarterfinalists were Brant Smith, Arthur Gaunt, Rob Cameron and Thomas Hawe.
Event 6 saw Cameron improve on his afternoon finish as he made the final against Mark Ruthenberg. Cameron had taken out Tony Davy 4-2 in one semi-final whilst Ruthenberg took down Ky Smith 4-2 in the other. In the final Cameron and Ruthenberg took the match to a deciding leg which Cameron took out to win his first championship event. Earlier the losing quarter finalises included Chris Roberts, Brendan Buckley, Jackson Davies and Dave Hampshire.
The Sunday events kicked off with a pool table format. After playing these and the round of 16 that followed event 6’s final was repeated in the quarter finals, with Cameron defeating Ruthenburg in yet another last leg decider. Peter Willmot and Jackson Davies were more comprehensive (defeating Donovan Lothering and Brant Smith 4-1 respectively) whilst Mick Garwood eliminated Jade Whitworth with a 4-2 win.
The semi-finals were contrasting affairs with Peter Willmott just getting past Cameron 4-3, whilst Garwood was much more comfortable in his 4-1 win over Davies. The final was a tight affair but it was Garwood who came away with the win five legs to three over Willmott.
In the final event in Queensland the straight knock out saw Tony Davy, Luke Hughes, Jackson Davies, Dave Hampshire, Mick Ruthenberg, Ky Smith, Jimmy Raroa, and Dave Evans all make the quarter finals, with Hughes, Davies, Smith and Raroa coming out as winners. It meant the competition was set to crown a new winner and so the semi-finals were tense affairs. Jackson Davies made the most of his chance by defeating Hughes 4-1 whilst Jimmy Raroa held his nerve in the deciding leg against Ky Smith. In the final it was Davies who won his first championship event, defeating Raroa 5-3.
At the third venue of the weekend, Young Services Club, it looked as though it would be things resuming as normal with Josh Townsend making his fifth championship final in a row, having won all events 1 to 4 in Young. Greg Lestrange faced up to Townsend for the third time but this time he came away victorious, and what a statement it was, winning 5-1. Two other good performers on weekend one, Anthony Hatch and Rod Crawford, were the losing semi-finalists with Hatch taking Lestrange to a deciding leg whilst Townsend was more comfortable in defeating Crawford 5-2. Losing quarter finalists included Brodie Walker, Mick Lean, Corey Fortington and Glenn Casson, with the Lestrange / Lean match the only quarter final to go to a deciding leg.
Event 6 saw Townsend unable to make the final in Young for the first time, indeed he was knocked out in the quarter finals 6-2 by Anthony Hatch. Adam Faulkner defeated Corey Fortington by the same score line at the same stage, whilst Ciaran Holmes defeated another Lestrange, Brady, 6-1. The last quarter final was a closer affair with Greg Lestrange beating former Australian test vice-captain Daniel Sim 6-3.
The semi-finals saw Lestrange defeat Holmes 6-2 to progress to his second final of the day, whilst Adam Faulkner outlasted Anthony Hatch 6-5. This deciding leg outcome looked to be a good experience for Faulkner as he faced the same situation in the final against Lestrange and came through victorious, 6-5 once again.
Sunday’s first event saw Faulkner return to the final once more (having seen off Greg Lestrange 5-2 in the semi-final) where he faced Josh Townsend, who was in his sixth final of seven events in Young NSW (Townsend took out Ian Barrett 5-2 in their semi-final.) The final went the way of Josh Townsend, who returned to the top of the tree where he had sat for events one to four.
Losing quarter finalists included Ciaran Holmes, Daniel Sim, Mick Lean and Rod Crawford, demonstrating the class of this event’s field and the consistently high efforts of all of the players in the competition.
The final event of the weekend in Young saw very familiar faces make the final. Prior to then Josh Townsend, John Taylor, Greg Lestrange and Mick Lean had defeated Rod Crawford, Phil Sellick, Daniel Sim and John Laybutt in the quarter finals respectively. The semi-finals could not have been more contrasting affairs with Townsend winning 4-0 over Taylor whilst Lestrange just survived in a tough encounter with Mick Lean (4-3).
The final saw Townsend continue his momentum, taking out a third final of four against Lestrange, and sixth out of eight challenge events in Young overall. The final score line read 4-1 to Townsend.
The DPA Challenge Tour continues with upcoming events in NSW and South Australia next weekend and then Victoria the following weekend.

Cadby Granted Visa

COREY CADBY is set to resume his PDC career having been granted a Visa to return to the UK.

Having reached the final of the UK Open in March 2018, Cadby returned to Australia to obtain a Three-Year Tier Two Sportsman's Visa to compete on the PDC tour.

Complication with Cadby's application resulted in lengthy delays, but on Wednesday March 13 the 23-year-old received the news that his application has been successful, putting an end to a turbulent 12 months.

"It was an amazing feeling when I got my Visa, it's probably the most important day of my career," said Cadby.

"The delays in the application process have made it a very difficult 12 months and I've been suffering with stress and depression, but now I've turned the corner and the future is looking bright.

"I've made mistakes in the past but now is the time for me to start a new life for me and my kids, which is who I'm doing it for.

"Not having professional darts in my life has been a real struggle for me and now I can see where my life is going, I can't wait to get started.

"I'd like to thank my manager Mac Elkin, my sponsors and everyone at the PDC for their help during this difficult time."

The Australian youngster shot to fame with victory over 16-time World Champion Phil Taylor at the 2016 Perth Masters, before being crowned PDC World Youth Champion in October 2016.

In January 2018 Cadby secured a two-year PDC Tour Card and just a month later he won his first PDC ranking title at a UK Open qualifier, before continuing his superb start to life in the PDC by reaching the 2018 UK Open final.

Cadby plans to make his return to PDC action at Players Championship Nine on April 6 at The Barnsley Metrodome

The Stars Come Out at Pine Rivers

Leg 2 of The Harrows DPA pro tour was played over the weekend with events 5 to 8 completed. Stars from across Australia and New Zealand met up at the Pine Rivers Darts Club in Queensland with four different winners taking out the events across the weekend, demonstrating the breadth of talent downunder.
On Friday night the knock out competition saw young Kiwi sensation Ben Robb win his first DPA tour event after overcoming fellow Kiwi (and now WA resident) Koha Kokiri 6-3 in the final. Robb had overcome another Kiwi born / WA resident, Damon Heta 6-3 in the semifinal whilst Kokiri defeated one of the winners from Leg 1 of the Pro Tour at Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club, James Bailey, by the same scoreline in the other semifinal. Amongst the losing quarter finalists were another winner this season (Tasmanian Steve Fitzpatrick), former World Championships representatives David Platt and Raymond Smith and local Stewart Smith (who lost 6-3 to Heta.)
Saturday’s day event was won by Queensland veteran Dave Littleboy (who 12 months previous had defeated Devon Peterson in Mackay Qld.) Littleboy defeated the Kiwi player who is in the hottest form, Haupai Puha, in the final deciding leg of the Final to take out the event.
Earlier another veteran, Bill Aitken, rolled back the years as he made it all the way through to the semifinals before losing to Puha. Steve Fitzpatrick improved from his quarter final result from the night before but lost in his semifinal to Littleboy. As in the final both semis came down to a deciding leg.
Damon Heta continued his consistent form by making another quarter final, as did fellow WA player Tim Pusey. The other two losing quarter finalists were both from Queensland, GG Mathers and Shane Tichowitsch (both of whom have been a part of the PDC World Championships previously.) The quality of the competition demonstrated by the fact that all four losing quarter finalists have been a part of televised PDC events.
Another knock out competition was run on Saturday night and this time Damon Heta came out on top, defeating local player, and last year’s Pro Tour winner, Raymond Smith 6-1 in the Final.
Local Bill Aitken made his second semifinal in a day but this time met a man on a mission as Heta only conceded the same amount of legs as he would do in the Final. Another Queenslander, and triple challenge tour winner from just a fortnight ago, Jamie Rundle, made up the top four (that semifinal finishing a little closer than the first.)
The losing quarter finalists were again big names in the world of darts downunder, with former World Series of Darts representatives Rob Modra and Haupai Puha, as well as former PDC World Championship players Shane Tichowitch and James Bailey falling out from the last eight.
The final event (8) of the weekend was played on the Sunday. This time it was another local Queenslander James Bailey who took out the top spot. He faced a fellow former World Championship player in David Platt in the Final, with Bailey edging out his opponent in the last leg of that match to secure the win.
Bailey had defeated Tasmanian Brad Thorp in the semifinal in another close game, 5 legs to 4. Perhaps that deciding leg aided Bailey in the Final as Platt had been a little more comprehensive in his 5-2 semifinal win over fellow WA player Tim Pusey.
Once more the quality of the field was demonstrated by the losing quarter final players with Damon Heta being edged out in the final leg by Bailey (who certainly won this competition the hard way), Mick Lacey losing 5-3 to Thorp, Koha Kokiri being overcome by Pusey in another close match and Platt defeating Rhys Mathewson more comprehensively. Three of the four losing quarter finalists are former PDC World Series of Darts representatives.
After such a successful time at Pine Rivers Darts Club Queensland the Harrows DPA Pro Tour will visit the East Devonport Recreation Centre Tasmania in April (5 to 7.) Prior to that another round of the DPA Challenge Tour will be completed for those without current DPA Tour Cards who are eligible to participate, with events being played throughout Australia.