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Koha Kokiri wins final Pro Tour event for 2017

At the end of todays final round of the Harrows Australia Pro Tour, Will we have a returning Champion or will we have a new Australian No.1.
With only 16 points separating Gordon(GG) Mathers and Corey Cadby, it will be a battle of the titans today.
GG only needs to make the last 8 seal the deal. For Corey to shoot to the top of the table he needs to win todays round and hope that GG doesn't earn any points from todays event

Play will get underway 9am Local time

48 players in attendance
Board 1
Mitchel Beswick
Barry Gardner
Aaron Petty
Peter Sutton
Matt Clune
Tic Bridge
1.Tic Bridge
2.Peter Sutton
3.Aaron Petty
4.Barry Gardner

Board 2
Denise Silver
Adam Rowe
Mick Zdun
Bill Aitken
Tim Pusey
Jakim Dickson
1.Bill Aitken
2.Adam Rowe
3.Tim Pusey
4.Mick Zdun

Board 3
Brad Beswick
Lucas Cameron
Kerry Long
Robbie King
Loz Ryder
Matt Dorotich
1.Loz Ryder
2.Robbie King
3.Matt Dorotich
4.Lucas Cameron

Board 4
Harley Murphy
James McKenna
Anton Soc
Kim Lewis
Daryl Curley
Koha Kokiri
1.Koha Kokiri
2.Harley Murphy
3.Kim Lewis
4.James McKenna

Board 5
Rhys Mathewson
Kalani Hillman
Alec McAvoy
Brad Austen
Dave Butcher
Grant Dobson
1.Rhys Mathewson
2.Brad Austen
3.Kalani Hillman
4.Grant Dobson

Board 6
Jacquie Quine
Scott Kennedy
Renee Beswick
John Kiley
Mark McAuslin
Steph Hood
1.John Kiley
2.Scott Kennedy
3.Renee Beswick
4.Mark McAuslin

Board 7
Richard Booker
Justin Thompson
Ray Moore
Peter Howell
GG Mathers
Stewart Neilson
1.GG Mathers
2.Justin Thompson
3.Ray Moore
4.Peter Howell

Board 8
Graham Hunt
James Bunce
Mark Rollins
Corey Cadby
Daniel Waterhouse
Mathew Francois
1.Corey Cadby
2.Graham Hunt
3.Mark Rollins
4.Daniel Waterhouse

Last 32
Loz Ryder 4 def 2 Mick Zdun
Scott Kennedy 4 def 2 Ray Moore
Tic Bridge 4 def 0 Mark McAuslin
Graham Hunt 2 lost 4 Aaron Petty
Koha Kokiri 4 def 1 Daniel Waterhouse
Adam Rowe 4 def 3 Tim Pusey
Bill Aitken 4 def 0 James McKenna
Harley Murphy 1 lost 4 Kim Lewis
GG Mathers 1 lost 4 Lucas Cameron
Robbie King 4 def 1 Mark Rollings
Rhys Mathewson 4 def 0 Peter Howell
Justin Thompson 4 def 0 Renee Beswick
Corey Cadby 4 def 1 Grant Dobson
Brad Austen 4 def 0 Matt Dorotich
John Kiley 0 lost 4 Barry Gardner
Peter Sutton 2 lost 4 Kalani Hillman

Last 16
Loz Ryder 6 def 3 Scott Kennedy
Tic Bridge 6 def 0 Aaron Petty
Koha Kokiri 6 def 2 Adam Rowe
Bill Aitken 3 lost 6 Kim Lewis
Lucas Cameron 3 lost 6 Robbie King
Rhys Mathewson v Justin Thompson
Corey Cadby 3 lost 6 Brad Austen
Barry Gardner 6 def 3 Kalani Hillman

Last 8
Loz Ryder v Tic Bridge
Koha Kokiri v Kim Lewis
Robbie King v Rhys Mathewson
Brad Austen v Barry Gardner

Semi Finals
Loz Ryder 0 lost 6 Koha Kokiri

Rhys Mathewson 6 def 1 Brad Austen


Koha Kokiri 6 def 2 Rhys Mathewson

Cadby back on winning track

Corey Cadby returned to the winner circle in force without dropping a leg against Barry Gardner in tonight's final. Cadby is still a chance of topping the Pro Tour Rankings if he can hold his nerve and have another successful day on the board tomorrow

DPA Harrows Darts Pro Tour Event 15

Board 1
Barry Gardner
Mick Zdun
Grant Dobson
Lucas Cameron
Warre Cambell
Harvey Mayall
Bailey Marsh
Justin Thompson

1.Barry Garner
2.Justin Thompson
3.Lucas Cameron
4.Harvey Mayall

Board 2
Renee Beswick
Graham Hunt
Koha Kokiri
Alan Aird
Aaron Petty
Matthew Clune
Denise Silver

1.Koha Kokiri
2.Aaron Petty
3.Alan Aird
4.Graham Hunt

Board 3
Anton Soc
Paul Wilson
Mitch Beswick
Brad Beswick
Lewis Kirk
Bill Aitken
Peter Sutton

1.Lewis Kirk
2.Bill Aitken
3.Peter Sutton
4.Brad Beswick

Board 4
Tyson Marsden
Robbie King
Jacquine Quine
Tic Bridge
James Bunce
Dave Platt
Harley Murphy

1.Tic Bridge
2.Dave Platt
3.Robbie King
4.Tyson Marsden

Board 5
Adam Rowe
GG Mathers
Mark Rollins
Loz Ryder
James Mckenna
Tim Wills
Daniel Waterhouse

1.Adam Rowe
2.James McKenna
3.GG Mathers
4.Loz Ryder

Board 6
Roz Watkins
Mike Gould
Gordon Penny
John Kiley
Kalani Hillman
Corey Cadby
Kim Lewis

1.Corey Cadby
2.Kalani Hillman
3.Kim Lewis
4.Mike Gould

Board 7
Matt Dorotich
Rhys Mathewson
Glen Harper
Stewart Neilson
Shane Kennewell
Ian Dargan
Maree Whitehouse

1.Rhys Mathewson
2.Glen Harper
3.Matt Dorotich
4.Ian Dargan

Board 8
Mark McAuslin
Dave Hall
Steph Hood
Kerry Long
Jakim Dickson
Tim Pusey
Brad Austin

1.Brad Austin
2.Tim Pusey
3.Jakin Dickson
4.Mark McAuslin

Last 32
Lewis Kirk 4 def 3 Tyson Marsdern
Daver Platt 4 def 1 Kim Lewis
Rhys Mathewson 4 def 0 Mark McAuslin
James McKenna 0 lost 4 GG Mathers
Adam Rowe 4 def 0 Mike Gould
Tim Pusey 4 def 0 Jakim Dickson
Corey Cadby 4 def 0 Graham Hunt
Bill Aitken 0 lost 4 Peter Sutton
Tic Bridge 4 def 1Brad Beswick
Glen Harper 3 lost 4 Alan Aird
Koha Kokiri 4 def 2 Ian Dargan
Kalani Hillman 4 def 3 Matt Dorotich
Brad Austen 4 def 3 Los Ryder
Justin Thompson 2 lost 4 Robbie King
Barry Gardner 4 def 1 Harvey Mayall
Aaron Petty 0 lost 4 Lucas Cameron

Last 16
Lewis Kirk 1 lost 6 Dave Platt
Rhys Mathewson 6 def 4 GG Mathers
Adam Rowe 6 def 1 Tim Pusey
Corey Cadby 6 def 2 Peter Sutton
Tic Bridge 5 lost 6 Alan Aird
Koha Kokiri 6 def 2 Kalani Hillman
Brad Austen 5 lost 6 Robbie King
Barry Gardner 6 def 1 Lucas Cameron

Last 8
Dave Platt 6 def 4 Rhys Mathewson

Adam Rowe 2 lost 6 Corey Cadby

Alan Aird 6 def 4 Koha Kokiri

Robbie King 3 lost 6 Barry Gardner

Semi Finals

Dave Platt 1 lost 6 Corey Cadby

Alan Aird 3 lost 6 Barry Gardner


Corey Cadby 6-0 Barry Gardner

GG Mathers heads to Ally Pally

The DPA Harrows Darts Pro Tour climaxed this weekend in Perth, Western Australia with events 15 and 16 (the final two of the year) held at the Vasto Club Balcatta.
As a taster to these events the final World Series Darts Qualifier was played out on the Friday night with a familiar face winning as David Platt returned from injury to take out the knockout event. With around 200 participants through the 8 qualifiers it is Corey Cadby who qualifies for the World Series events in Auckland, Melbourne and Perth.
Event 15 on the Saturday saw one potential winner of the Pro Tour go by the way whilst another came through to put the nerves into the leader prior to the weekend, GG Mathers. Mathers was defeated by the man who at the time was holding down second in the tour, Rhys Mathewson, in the last 16 of the day. However, it was Mathewson who fell out of contention when beaten by David Platt in the next round (the gap had been so great between the two the Tasmanian really needed to win the tournament to put the heat on.) Thus it left only Corey Cadby (who had been third) with a chance of catching Mathers and he defeated WA’s own Adam Rowe 6-2 in his quarter final.
Cadby wanted to win this event to heap the pressure on Mathers and defeated the ever consistent Aaron Petty in the last 8. Also progressing to the semi-finals, along with Platt and Cadby, were Alan Aird and Barry Gardner. Cadby comprehensively beat his old foe from last season 6-1 with Gardner, only doing the WA events this season but proving he still has it, defeating Alan Aird 6-3.
The final was all Cadby and his 6-0 victory put the current PDC World Youth Champion in with a shot (albeit long) of taking out the season should Mathers falter again in event 16. Thus the season would be determined on the Sunday, going to the last event of the season, as it had in 2016, between Platt and Cadby.
In the round of 32 Cadby was drawn against Grant Dobson, and easily progressed. In the meantime Mathers (who had topped his board) was drawn against friend, team mate and great player Lucas Cameron (who had finished fourth on a star studded board.) Cameron gave no quarter and defeated Mathers, meaning that the steal looked to be on for Cadby. He was throwing well but his section of the draw had names like Mathewson and Justin Thompson, Robbie King (all of Top Shot Promotions) and Cameron (from his own Team Rebel stable) to not be taken lightly.
As it was he did not have to worry about any of these threats as he lost to former DA Australian representative Brad Austen in the round of 16 and Cadby’s late title surge was over, Mathers would be crowned the champion of the DPA Harrows Darts Pro Tour 2017.
The quality of the day, and of darts in Australia, was demonstrated by the names in the final 8; Austen, Loz Ryder, Tic Bridge, Koha Kokiri, Kim Lewis, King, Mathewson, and Gardner. Austen, Ryder, Kokiri and Mathewson all progressed but both semi finals were one way affairs, with Mathewson winning 6-1 over Austen, and Kokiri taking out his match with an even bigger margin, 6-0, over Ryder.
The final saw Mathewson miss his chances early in the match and once Kokiri got a 3-1 advantage he made sure there was little way for his Top Shot Darts Promotion opponent to come back. In the end it finished 6-2 as Kokiri took out the final event of the Pro Tour for 2017.
There is still a lot of darts remaining this year, with the PDC World Series of Darts coming up in August (and qualifiers before then), as well as the DPA / DPNZ Australasian championships in Dubbo this October / November (including the Test Match v NZ and Oceanic Masters.)
As winner of the DPA Harrows Darts Pro Tour 2017 Gordon Glenn Mathers has won his way into the World Championship of Darts draw at the Alexandra Palace London in December. The 36 year old was the first man to take on MVG in full competition in Australia when he faced him in Round One of the inaugural Sydney Darts Masters at the Big Top Luna Park. He has been playing in the DPA Australian team since 2012/13 and has represented his beloved Queensland for much of his darting career. Away from the board he is a leader in the Team Rebel stable and is well respected amongst his peers. Mathers will be looking to emulate, or even better, the success of last year’s DPA Harrows Darts Pro Tour champion, Corey Cadby, at the World Championships.


Queenslands Gordon Glen Mathers will secure a spot at the PDC World Championships , Alexandra Palace London by the end of the weekend holding a big lead heading into the second last event here in Perth Today

GG Holds a 28 point lead over Rhys Mathewson and a 32 point lead over Corey Cadby ...Cadby and Mathewson would be a possibility of still taking the series with 2 wins today and tomorrow but would have to rely on Mathers not progressing from his board on both days however with the field in Perth looking to be set following last nights last World Series Qualifier here at the Vasto Club Mathers after a hard year of work on the board , darts and travel Mathers does look set to make his Alexandra Palace Debut in December ..

Play begins at 10am Local Midday Eastern with Updates throughout the day on our social media and here at


The Australian DPA Harrows World Series table will be finalised at the conclusion of event 8 here in Perth at the Vasto Club Balcatta this evening

Play will begin at 5pm this evening (7pm eastern)

Entries are $30 per player or free if producing a Western Australian Average card of 54.99 or under

After 7 events throughout Australia Corey Cadby holds an unassailable lead in the table meaning he will appear at the Auckland / Melbourne / Perth Events by right however pending any wildcards by the PDC after finalising their lineup to these events further spots may be offered down the table at PDC at their discretion and will be announced in due course

This weekends events are bought to you by DOSH

Machin Set For bwin Grand Slam Debut

PETER MACHIN is to make his bwin Grand Slam of Darts debut in 2017 after being confirmed alongside Glen Durrant and Danny Noppert as three of the eight BDO Qualifiers for November's event.

Australia ace Machin won the recent BDO World Trophy in Wales to secure his first big title, having lost out to Darryl Fitton in the final 12 months earlier.

The Adelaide ace will make his first Grand Slam of Darts appearance in November's 32-player event at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

Lakeside Champion Durrant and runner-up Noppert - who both impressed on their Grand Slam of Darts debuts in 2016 - have also secured automatic places in this year's tournament.

With Durrant having also won the 2016 World Masters title, the remaining five places will go to the top five non-qualified players from the BDO Rankings at the end of September 2017.

A further two PDC qualifiers for the Grand Slam of Darts came from the World Cup of Darts, with Netherlands' Raymond van Barneveld securing his place as champion alongside Michael van Gerwen.

Mark Webster, who partnered UK Open finalist Gerwyn Price, put himself into one of the provisional qualifying places, with a total of 16 PDC players set to win spots based on televised events.

However, the World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, European Championship, Champions League of Darts and World Series of Darts Finals are all still to be played ahead of the cut-off for qualification in November, meaning that a further ten qualifying places are still available.

Tickets for the bwin Grand Slam of Darts are available now and can be purchased online through or from the Wolves Civic Box Office by calling 0870 320 7000.

2017 bwin Grand Slam of Darts
Qualifying Players:
(invited in the following order up to a maximum of 16 players)
2016/17 PDC World Champion - MICHAEL VAN GERWEN
2016 Grand Slam Champion - (Michael van Gerwen)
2017 Premier League Champion - (Michael van Gerwen)
2017 World Matchplay Champion -
2017 World Grand Prix Champion -
2016 World Youth Champion - COREY CADBY
2017 Masters Champion - (Michael van Gerwen)
2017 UK Open Champion - PETER WRIGHT
2017 European Champion -
2016 Players Champion - (Michael van Gerwen)
2017 Champions League Champion -
2017 World Series of Darts Finals Champion -
2017 World Cup winners (2 players with highest individual taking preference if only one spot available) – (Michael van Gerwen), RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD
2016/17 PDC World Championship runner-up - GARY ANDERSON
2016 Grand Slam runner-up - JAMES WADE
2017 Premier League runner-up - (Peter Wright)
2017 World Matchplay runner-up -
2017 World Grand Prix runner-up -
2016 World Youth Championship runner-up - BERRY VAN PEER
2017 Masters runner-up - (Gary Anderson)
2017 UK Open runner-up - GERWYN PRICE
2017 European Championship runner-up -
2016 Players Championship runner-up - DAVE CHISNALL
2017 Champions League runner-up -
2017 World Series of Darts Finals runner-up -
2017 World Cup runners-up (2 players with highest individual taking preference if only one spot available) – (Gerwyn Price), MARK WEBSTER

This list can produce a maximum of 28 players. If it produces more than 16 players, they shall be taken in order as listed above and no further players shall qualify automatically.

If it produces fewer than 16 places then additional places shall be filled from the reserve list in the following order:
2017 European Tour winners (in Order of Merit order at Nov 6)
2017 Players Championship winners (in Order of Merit order at Nov 6)
2017 UK Open Qualifier winners (in Order of Merit order at Nov 6)

Once 16 players are reached from the above criteria then the remaining 16 places shall be filled with eight players from a PDC Tour Card holder qualifier and eight BDO Qualifiers.

BDO Qualifiers
2017 Lakeside Champion - GLEN DURRANT
2017 Lakeside Championship runner-up - DANNY NOPPERT
2016 World Masters Champion - (Glen Durrant)
2017 BDO World Trophy Champion - PETER MACHIN
Plus top five players from BDO Rankings at September 30 2017


Russia put an end to Australia's bid at the 2017 World Cup of Darts in Germany yesterday. Australia need to come through the doubles to knock out Russia. However Boris Koltsov and Aleksandr Oreshkin were near-flawless in the two-on-two format as a disappointing Whitlock and Anderson could not match the power of Russia

Singles One: Kyle Anderson 2-4 Aleksandr Oreshkin
Singles Two: Simon Whitlock 4-1 Boris Koltsov
Doubles: Anderson/Whitlock 0-4 Oreshkin/Koltsov
Final Result: Australia 1-2 Russia

Russia will now meet Wales in the last eight after Webster and Price overcame the Republic of Ireland. The Welsh won both singles meetings, with Webster needing to force a decider against William O'Connor

Australia through and Scotland beaten by Singapore at World Cup

Scotland's Gary Anderson and Peter 'Snakebite' Wright were shockingly eliminated by Singapore on the opening night of the World Cup of Darts on Thursday.

The top seeds were shocked 5-2 in the first round by Paul Lim and Harith Lim to blow the competition wide open.

"When we drew Scotland we knew it would be tough, regardless," Lim said afterwards. "But I always say in any tournament, if you beat the No 1 seed, you become the No 1 seed. I always felt the pressure was on them."
The surprise result was secured by a nerveless 100 checkout from Lim, who struck a nine-darter at the World Darts Championship 27 years ago.

Singapore struck the first two 180s before Anderson and Wright, the world No 2 and 3 respectively, had got into their groove.

Lim hit double 20 for a 3-1 lead before missing the same shot twice in the next leg, allowing Anderson to reduce the deficit.

But Lim took advantage of Wright's profligacy to hit double eight to move within a leg of victory. When Anderson then landed in the wrong bed altogether, Lim took his chance to check out from 100.

"I told myself: give me the shot, and I've got to make use of it," Lim said. "When he gave me a chance I had to take it, and I was lucky."

Earlier in the night, Australia's Simon Whitlock and Kyle Anderson, the fifth seeds, withstood a promising performance from Denmark to eventually win 5-4.

Belgium, comprised of the Huybrechts brothers, beat New Zealand 5-2 to tee up a tie against Greece.

Betway World Cup of Darts Teams Confirmed

DAVE CHISNALL is to make his Betway World Cup of Darts debut for reigning champions England at next month's tournament in Frankfurt as he partners Adrian Lewis, with Scotland to be the number one seeds for the Pairs tournament.

The £300,000 tournament will be held from June 1-4 at the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt, Germany and broadcast live on Sky Sports as 32 two-player nations compete for the title.

Reigning champions England, who have won the title in four of the past five years, will be represented for a sixth time by Adrian Lewis, who will this year be partnered by world number five Dave Chisnall.

Chisnall recently edged above James Wade on the PDC Order of Merit, and was unbeaten in his final seven games of the Betway Premier League as he narrowly missed out on the Play-Offs.

2015 finalists Scotland will be represented for a second time by Gary Anderson and Peter Wright, who reached the decider two years ago before losing out to England, and the pair - ranked second and third in the world - will be the top seeds.

Two-time winners Netherlands will be the number three seeds as World Champion Michael van Gerwen teams up once again with Raymond van Barneveld to continue the partnership which saw them claim the 2014 title and reach last year's final.

Welsh pair Gerwyn Price and Mark Webster team up for the second successive year as the number four seeds, with Australia's Simon Whitlock and Kyle Anderson to be the number five seeds.

Both Northern Ireland - represented by Daryl Gurney and Brendan Dolan - and Belgium, who see brothers Kim and Ronny Huybrechts team up, retain the same pairings which reached the 2016 semi-finals, while Austria's Mensur Suljovic and Rowby-John Rodriguez complete the seeded nations.

Brazil will make their World Cup of Darts debuts as Diogo Portela, the London-based player who competes on the PDC circuit, teams up with Alexandre Sattin, who won a qualifier in his homeland to secure a place in the event.

In a change to the original field of nations, Latvia have been withdrawn and will be replaced by debutants Switzerland, for whom Patrick Rey and Philipp Ruckstuhl will compete.

2016 quarter-finalists Canada will be represented by three-time World Champion John Part and newcomer John Norman Jnr, who has joined the PDC circuit this year.

Long-standing American partnership Darin Young and Larry Butler - the former World Matchplay champion - team up once more, while New Zealand are represented by emerging talent Cody Harris and experienced Rob Szabo.

Emerging youngster Martin Schindler makes his World Cup of Darts debut alongside former World Youth Champion Max Hopp as the hosts unveil a new-look pairing for this year's tournament.

Spain see Cristo Reyes and Antonio Alcinas in action once again, while Mick McGowan and William O'Connor team up for the Republic of Ireland for a second successive year.

South Africa's Deon Oliver won a knockout event held in Cape Town earlier this year as he won the right to partner established professional Devon Petersen, while Weihong Li and Yuanjun Liu won through the Chinese qualifier.

Haruki Muramatsu and debutant Yuki Yamada will compete for Japan, while Kai Fan Leung comes in to partner Royden Lam for Hong Kong, with both Singapore and Thailand retaining their pairings from the 2016 event.

Russian qualifiers Boris Koltsov and Aleksandr Oreshkin team up again, while Magnus Caris is again partnered by Daniel Larsson for Sweden, with Kim Viljanen and Marko Kantele in action for Finland and Per Laursen joined by Alex Jensen in the Denmark pairing.

Dyson Parody and Dylan Duo will compete for Gibraltar once more, with John Michael joined by Ioannis Selachoglou in the Greece team and 2017 European Tour ever-present Krzysztof Ratajski joined by Tytus Kanik in the Poland side.

Hungary will see Janos Vegso partnered by Zoltan Mester, with Gabriel Rollo coming into the Italy team alongside Daniele Petri, while Frantisek Humpula and Karel Sedlacek team up for their World Cup debut for the Czech Republic.

The Betway World Cup of Darts draw will be made on Tuesday, with eight nations seeded for the first round of the four-day tournament. The draw will be streamed through Facebook Live at (time TBC).

Tickets for the Betway World Cup of Darts can be purchased through

Betway World Cup of Darts
Competing Nations
Seeded Nations
1 Scotland - Gary Anderson & Peter Wright
2 England - Adrian Lewis & Dave Chisnall
3 Netherlands - Michael van Gerwen & Raymond van Barneveld
4 Wales - Gerwyn Price & Mark Webster
5 Australia - Simon Whitlock & Kyle Anderson
6 Northern Ireland - Daryl Gurney & Brendan Dolan
7 Austria - Mensur Suljovic & Rowby-John Rodriguez
8 Belgium - Kim Huybrechts & Ronny Huybrechts

Other Nations
Brazil - Diogo Portela & Alexandre Sattin
Canada - John Norman Jnr & John Part
China - Weihong Li & Yuanjun Liu
Czech Republic - Frantisek Humpula & Karel Sedlacek
Denmark - Per Laursen & Alex Jensen
Finland - Kim Viljanen & Marko Kantele
Germany - Max Hopp & Martin Schindler
Gibraltar - Dyson Parody & Dylan Duo
Greece - John Michael & Ioannis Selachoglou
Hong Kong - Kai Fan Leung & Royden Lam
Hungary - Janos Vegso & Zoltan Mester
Italy - Daniele Petri & Gabriel Rollo
Japan - Haruki Muramatsu & Yuki Yamada
New Zealand - Cody Harris & Rob Szabo
Poland - Krzysztof Ratajski & Tytus Kanik
Republic of Ireland - Mick McGowan & William O'Connor
Russia - Boris Koltsov & Aleksandr Oreshkin
Singapore - Paul Lim & Harith Lim
South Africa - Devon Petersen & Deon Oliver
Spain - Cristo Reyes & Antonio Alcinas
Sweden - Magnus Caris & Daniel Larsson
Switzerland - Patrick Rey & Philipp Ruckstuhl
Thailand - Thanawat Gaweenuntawong & Attapol Eupakaree
United States of America - Darin Young & Larry Butler

Prize Fund
Winners (Per Player) £30,000
Runner-Up (Per Player) £16,000
Semi-Finalists (Per Player) £10,000
Quarter-Finalists (Per Player) £7,000
Second Round Losers (Per Player) £4,000
First Round Losers (Per Player) £1,500
Total £300,000

First Round
Best of nine legs Doubles

Second Round, Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals
The Second Round, Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals will be played as two best of seven leg 501 Singles matches, with both nations nominating the order in which their players play. In the event of both nations winning one Singles match apiece, a best of seven leg 501 Doubles match will be played to decide the tie.

The Final will be played as two best of seven leg 501 Singles matches, with both nations nominating the order in which their players play the first two matches, followed by a best of seven leg 501 Doubles match and then Reverse Singles matches. The first team to win three games is declared the winner.


The final day of the Harrows Pro Tour Queensland commences Sunday
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Day 2 Queensland DPA Pro Tour Commences

The HARROWS DPA pro Tour Continues tomorrow in Queensland Australia.
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Cadby Win in Queensland

Corey Cadby won the second last World Series of Darts Qualifying Tour event for 2017 at the Lonestar Tavern Mermaid Waters Queensland defeating Rhys Matthewson
The HARROWS DPA Australian Grand Prix continues tomorrow. Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest News and results


Winner Corey Cadby

Corey Cadby v Rhys Matthewson

Last 4
Corey Cadby beat Justin Thompson
Steve Macarthur lost to Rhys Matthewson

Last 8
Corey Cadby beat Pat Orreal
Steve Duke Snr. lost to Justin Thompson
Steve Macarthur beat Andrew Eagers
Jeremy Fagg lost to Rhys Matthewson
Last 4
Corey Cadby v Justin Thompson
Steve Macarthur v Rhys Matthewson

Last 8
Corey Cadby beat Pat Orreal
Steve Duke Snr. lost to Justin Thompson
Steve Macarthur beat Andrew Eagers
Jeremy Fagg lost to Rhys Matthewson

Last 16
Chris Morrison lost to Corey Cadby
Pat Orreal beat Mike Bonser
Steve Duke Snr. v Willy Kimura
Tic Bridge lost to Justin Thompson
Fred Cadby lost to Steve Macarthur
Andrew Eagers beat Ian Dargan
Hoani Dick lost to Jeremy Fagg
Stuart Leach v Rhys Matthewson

Last 32
Chris Morrison beat Aaron Petty
Corey Cadby beat Dave Muller
Pat Orreal beat Troy McVicar
Mike Bonser beat Matt Leahy
Steve Duke Snr. beat Ross Perry
Willy Kimuar beat Robbie King
Justin Thompson beat Manny Kato
Tic Bridge beat Michael Cassar
Fred Cadby beat Jim King
Gordon Glen Mathers lost to Steve Macarthur
Andrew Eagers beat Alex Evans
Ian Dargan beat Glenn Jones
Kalani Hillman lost to Hoani Dick
Jeremy Fagg beat David Marshall
Lucas Cameron lost to Stuart Leach
Rhys Matthewson beat Steve Duke Jnr.

Jamie Budd lost to Chris Morrison
Graeme Lowe lost to Corey Cadby
Dean Gibbs lost to Pat Orreal
Scott Johnson lost to Mike Bonser
Steve Duke Snr. beat Cody King
Jason Stokes lost to Justin Thompson
Wayne Murphy lost to Fred Cadby
Andrew Eagers beat Kevin James Smith
Kalani Hillman beat Toke Hazel
Lucas Cameron beat Bill Aitken

Players in attendance – 42
Lucas Cameron
Tic Bridge
Jamie Budd
Ian Dargan
Corey Cadby
Kalani Hillman
Manny Kato
Michael Cassar
Wayne Murphy
Willy Kimura
Pat Orreal
David Marshall
Bill Aitken
Glenn Jones
Aaron Petty
Andrew Eagers
Matt Leahy
Ross Perry
Steve Duke Snr.
Steve Duke Jnr.
Graeme Lowe
Alex Evans
Robbie King
Dean Gibbs
Rhys Matthewson
Kevin James Smith
Justin Thompson
Stuart Leach
Hoani Dick
Cody King
Jim King
Troy McVicar
Toke Hazel
Chris Morrison
Jeremy Fagg
Steve Macarthur
Fred Cadby
Jason Stokes
Dave Mullar
Gordon Glen Mathers
Scott Johnson
Mike Bonser

Harris & Thompson Share DPA Wins

NINE-DART star Cody Harris and Justin Thompson shared victories on the latest weekend of the DPA Australian Grand Prix season, as the series visited Tasmania for the first time.

New Zealand's Harris kicked off the weekend's action by landing a nine-darter - the first of the year on the DPA circuit - on his way to victory in Friday's World Series of Darts Qualifier.

He then backed that up with triumph in Event 11 of the DPA season, defeating Gordon Mathers 6-2 in the final after enjoying victories over Shane Bulger, Dean Turnbull, Clinton Bridge and Lucas Cameron in the knockout phase.

Mathers saw off Tracey Harback, Kalani Hillman, Robbie King and John Bunyard on his way to the decider.

Harris then won through to the semi-finals in Sunday's Event 12, losing out 6-3 to Justin Thompson, who went on to edge out Rhys Mathewson 6-5 in a tight final.

Thompson also defeated Nathan Seabourne, Jamie Suckling and Mathers during the knockout phase of the event, with Mathewson seeing off Dave Marland, King, Steve Fitzpatrick and Michael Pearce during the event.

The next DPA weekend will be held from May 12-14 at the Mermaid Waters Hotel on Queensland's Gold Coast. For more details, visit

Harrows Australian ProTour Event 11
Saturday April 29, Grenada Tavern, Hobart, Tasmania
Gordon Mathers 6-3 Robbie King
John Bunyard 6-1 Dwayne Seabourne
Cody Harris 6-3 Clinton Bridge
Lucas Cameron 6-3 Jamie Hales

Gordon Mathers 6-2 John Bunyard
Cody Harris 6-3 Lucas Cameron

Cody Harris 6-2 Gordon Mathers

Harrows Australian ProTour Event 12
Sunday April 30, Grenada Tavern, Hobart, Tasmania
Michael Pearce 6-0 Ash Britt
Rhys Mathewson 6-3 Steve Fitzpatrick
Justin Thompson 6-5 Gordon Mathers
Cody Harris 6-5 Bill Aitken

Rhys Mathewson 6-3 Michael Pearce
Justin Thompson 6-3 Cody Harris

Justin Thompson 6-5 Rhys Mathewson


This weekends DPA HARROWS Pro Tour concludes today in Tasmania Australia
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

Harrows Australian Pro Tour

The DPA Harrows Pro Tour continues this weekend at the Grenada Tavern, Hobart, TAS
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results


Cody Harris hits perfect 9 dart leg at the DPA World Series Qualifier in Tasmania Australia, and went on to win the event defeating Dave Marland in the final
Cody joins the growing list of 9 Dart Legs hit on the DPA circuit or DPA Associated events....

2008 - Ronnie Baxter - Willam Cross Pro Am
2012 - Stuart Leech - AGP Nerang
2012 - Kyle Anderson - Australian Open
2012 - Gordon Glen Mathers - Australian Grand Prix
2013 - Kyle Anderson - Australian Grand Prix
2014 - David Platt - Australian Grand Prix
2015 - Phil Taylor - Sydney Darts Masters - first televised Australian 9 Darter
2016 - Danny Porter - Australian Grand Prix South Australia
2017 - Cody Harris - World Series Qualifier - Grenada Tavern, Hobart, TAS

Cody Harris v Dave Marland

Bill Aitken v Cody Harris
Tic Bridge v Dave Marland

Bill Aitken v Mick Pearce
Lucas Cameron v Cody Harris
Tic Bridge v Robbie King
Dave Marland v Steve Fitzpatrick

Justin Thompson v Bill Aitken
Mick Hawkins v Mick Pearce
Lucas Cameron v Ian Dargan
John Bunyard v Cody Harris
Tic Bridge v Matthew Leahy
Dwayne Seabourne v Robbie King
Dave Marland v Emma Watkins
Steve Fitzpatrick v Matthew Pearce

Quarter Finals
Bill Aitken 6-4 Mick Pearce
Lucas Cameron v Cody Harris
Tic Bridge v Robbie King
Dave Marland 6-3 Steve Fitzpatrick

Justin Thompson v Ian Casson
Aaron Petty v Bill Aitken
Mick Hawkins v Peter Healey
Mick Pearce v Gordon Glen Mathers
Lucas Cameron v Nathan Seabourne
Ian Dargan v Sandra Smith
John Bunyard v James Pearce
Cody Harris v Dean Turnbull
Tic Bridge v Simon Bryant
Matthew Leahy v Ash Britt
Andrew Fenton v Dwayne Seabourne
Robbie King v Kim Anderson
Rhys Mathewson v Dave Marland
Brad Thorp v Emma Watkins
James Fitzpatrick v Steve Fitzpatrick
Matthew Pearce v Paula Seabourne

Justin Thompson 6-0 Shane Clark
Aron Braslin 4-6 Ian Casson
John Watkins v Aaron Petty
BYE v Bill Aitken
Mick Hawkins 6-1 Aaron Clark
Jen Lange 0-6 Peter Healey
Jamie-Lee Casson v Mick Pearce
BYE v Gordon Glen Mathers
Lucas Cameron 6-5 Kalani Hillman
Jodi Jordon Jago 0-6 Nathan Seabourne
Ian Dargan v Wendy Philpott
BYE v Sandra Smith
John Bunyard 6-3 Chris Donaghy
Ross Perry 3-6 James Pearce
Patrick Smith v Cody Harris WALKOVER
BYE v Dean Turnbull
Jamie Hales 2-6 Tic Bridge
Simon Bryant 6-0 Tracey Harback
Matt Leahy v Paul Emmerton
BYE v Ash Britt
Shaun Powell 1-6 Anderw Fenton
Dick Hawes 3-6 Dwayne Seabourne
Robbie King v Chris Jones
BYE v Kim Emmerton
Rhys Mathewson 6-0 Ian Anderson
Colby Dodge 1-6 Dave Marland
Mackenzie Jago v Brad Thorp
BYE v Emma Watkins
James Fitzpatrick 6-1 Deb Soden
Mark Taafe v Steve Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fitzallen v Matthew Pearce
BYE v Paula Seabourne

Players in Attendance – 56
Tic Bridge
Lucas Cameron
Aaron Petty
Cody Harris
Ian Dargan
Bill Aitkin
Dwayne Seabourne
Sandra Smith
Nathan Seabourne
Chris Donaghy
Ian Anderson
Dick Hawes
Peter Healey
James Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fitzallen
Dave Marland
Shane Clark
Chris Jones
Steve Fitzpatrick
Wendy Philpott
Aaron Clark
Gordon-Glen Mathers
Ross Perry
Ian Casson
Jamie-Lee Casson
Justin Thompson
Paula Seabourne
Tracey Harback
Rhys Matthewson
Kalani Hillman
Matthew Leahy
Robbie King
Ash Britt
Simon Bryant
Brad Thorp
Andrew Fenton
Michael Pearce
Deb Soden
Shaun Powell
John Bunyard
Mark Taafe
Emma Watkins
Colby Dodge
Jen Lange
Jodie Jordon Jago
James Pearce
Matthew Pearce
Kim Emmerton
Paul Emmerton
Mick Hawkins
Aron Braslin
Dean Turnbull
Jamie Hales
Patrick Smith
Mackenzie Jago
John Watkins


The Harrows Pro Tour continues today at the Osborne Park Bowling Club
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results

The Harrows Australian Pro Tour Perth

The Harrows Australian Pro Tour continues this weekend at the Osborne Park bowling Club, Osborne Park Perth
Stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results